Preparatory Department



The Preparatory Department of the   National University of Food Technologies (NUHT)  accepts foreigners and stateless persons who  have a document of complete secondary education and can study in higher education and live in the climatic conditions of Ukraine.

Applicants for visa and visa-free countries   to enter Ukraine to study need an Invitation to study, which can be obtained from the Department of International Relations - Sector for Work with Foreign Citizens, Building B, Room B-408.

The invitation may be received by the entrant or a proxy by providing a notarized Power of Attorney.

List of required documents to receive the Invitation

  • a copy of the first page of the foreign passport of a foreigner, which establishes his identity, with a translation into Ukrainian;
  • a copy of the document on previous education with translation into Ukrainian; a copy of the appendix to the document on previous education with grades (scores) with translation into Ukrainian;
  • power of attorney for receiving the invitation in case the entrant does not pick it up personally, legalized in the country of citizenship of the entrant with a translation into Ukrainian.

If it is impossible to submit the documents in person, the foreigner may apply to an intermediary firm or a third party. In such cases, intermediary firms enter into a civil law agreement on cooperation with the Ukrainian State Center for International Education (hereinafter - UDCMO) and the university, and third parties representing the interests of the applicant are required to have a notarized power of attorney.

  • consent to the collection and processing of personal data;
  • questionnaire with contact and personal information (to be filled in personally).

The documents should be  sent  in scanned form in PDF format to the e-mail of the Selection Committee of candidates for students of the Preparatory Department  nuft.edu@ukr.net  . Or  apply in person  to the Selection Committee of the Preparatory Department ( 68 Volodymyrska Street, Building B, Room B-408 )

Pre-university training

The pre-university training program will allow to adapt the acquired knowledge to the educational system of Ukraine. Successful completion of studies at the Preparatory Department is a guarantee of admission to the ranks of students of the National University of Food Technology or any other institution of higher education in Ukraine.

The Preparatory Department provides targeted language training for foreign citizens and training in general education disciplines in order to ensure successful study at the main faculties of NUHT and other free educational institutions of Ukraine.

Pre-university training consists of two cycles:

  • І cycle  - language training
  • II cycle  - the study of general disciplines.

Areas of training:

  • engineering,
  • engineering and technical,
  • technical,
  • economic,
  • medical and biological,
  • musical art,
  • humanitarian.

The study of the Ukrainian language takes place throughout the pre-university training program. Depending on the chosen direction of training, the minimum number of hours for learning a language is 720 hours (level of language proficiency B1).

All teachers have basic pedagogical education, as well as extensive experience working with foreign students. Teaching disciplines is carried out at a high professional level.

The educational process at the  Preparatory Department  includes classroom practical classes, independent and individual work of students.

According to the areas of training, classes are held in the following disciplines: -  Ukrainian language;

  •  mathematics;
  •  physics;
  •  chemistry;
  •  biology;
  •  Computer Science;
  •  history;
  •  economy.

Groups are formed from September 1 to November 1 .

To enter the Preparatory Department, foreign citizens must apply to the Department of International Relations - Sector for Work with Foreign Citizens.

The list of documents required for the study to the Preparatory Department

Provide originals and notarized translations into Ukrainian (all documents must have the same (up to the letter) surname, name and patronymic):

1. Personal questionnaire of the established sample (to be filled in in Sector on work with foreign citizens).

2. Passport and its copy with a notarized translation, pages indicating the surname, name, patronymic in the Ukrainian language in 2 copies.

3. Document (a copy with a notarized translation into Ukrainian) of complete general secondary education with a list of subjects and grades (points) obtained in the exams.

4. Medical certificate confirming the absence of HIV infection and chest fluorography. In the absence of a certificate, or if the certificate is not recognized in Ukraine, the foreign entrant is obliged to donate blood for analysis for the absence of HIV infection at his own expense.

The document must be issued no later than 2 months before entering Ukraine to study.

5. Medical certificate of health (original and copy with a notarized translation into Ukrainian), confirming the absence of medical contraindications for living and studying in Ukraine, certified by the official health authority of the country from which the foreign citizen came.

6. Birth certificate (copy translated into Ukrainian).

7. Photographs 3.5x4.5 cm (10 pcs.).

8. Certificate of submission of a document on education for recognition (nostrification) in Ukraine or Certificate of recognition in Ukraine of a foreign document on education (if any).

The documents specified in p. 3, 4 and 5 must be certified in accordance with the legislation of the country of issue and legalized in the prescribed manner (consular legalization or apostille).

Foreign citizens are enrolled in the Preparatory Department on the basis of a contract.

The term of  study at the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens  is 10 months .

Tuition fee 27500 * UAH.

The cost of living in a dormitory (for the period of study - 10 months) is 14000 * UAH.

* Note:  Cost is subject to change.

For detailed information call +38 (044) 287-96-93