Preparatory Department

The Preparatory Department of the National University of Food Technologies (NUFT) accepts foreigners and stateless persons who come to study or permanently reside in Ukraine and have a document on full secondary education and can study in higher education institutions and live in the climatic conditions of Ukraine.

If the applicants for visas and visa-free countries want to study in Ukraine, they need to take an Invitation to study, which can be obtained at the International Relations Department – the Visa Support Sector, Building B, Room B-408.

An Invitation to study can be taken by an entrant or by a trustee by proxy (Power of attorney is executed at a notary by the entrant in the name of trustee).

List of required documents to receive anInvitation to study

  • Passport and a copy of the notarized translation of its first page (last name, first name, patronymic) in Ukrainian;
  • Document (a copy of a notarized translation into Ukrainian) of previous education with the list of subjects and grades (points) received at the exams;
  • Power of attorney to receive an invitation, if the applicant does not take him personally, should be legalized in the country of citizenship of an applicant and translated into Ukrainian..

In case of impossibility to submit documents in person, a foreigner can apply to the intermediary company or a third person. Intermediary company in such cases conclude a civil-law agreement on cooperation with the State Enterprise “Ukrainian state center for international education”(USCIE) and the University. The third parties representing the interests of the entrant should have a notarized power of attorney.

  • consent to the collection and processing of personal data;
  • questionnaire with contact and personal information, a letter of motivation with the purpose of entry and notification of arrival to Ukraine.

Documents must be sent in scanned JPEG format to the e-mail of the Admission Committee nuft.edu@ukr.net. Or submitted personally to the Admission Committee of the Preparatory Department (68 ,Volodymyrska Str., Building B, Room B-408)

 Pre-University Preparation

The program of pre-university training will allow students to adapt knowledge of the educational system of the country where they studied to the educational system of Ukraine. Successful completion of training at the Preparatory Department is a guarantee of entry into the ranks of the students of the National University of Food Technologies or any other institution of higher education in Ukraine.

The Preparatory Department carries out language training and prepares courses in general education in order to ensure successful training at the main faculties of NUFT and other universities of Ukraine.

Pre-university training consists of two cycles:

  • І cycle – language training
  • ІІ cycle – studying of general courses.

Areas of training:

  • engineering,
  • engineering-technical,
  • technical,
  • economic,
  • medical and biological
  • musical art,
  • humanitarian.

Studying Ukrainian or Russian languages takes place throughout the pre-university training program. Depending on the chosen area of training, the minimum number of hours for language learning is 720 academic hours (language proficiency level B1).

Only Pre-University Department of NUFT has special programs and music educational and methodical materials, such as solfeggio, music theory, and harmonic to train students for admission to the higher music educational institutions of Ukraine.

All professors have a basic pedagogical education, as well as an extensive experience working with foreign students.

Teaching disciplines are carried out on a high professional level.

The educational process at the Pre-University Department for foreign citizens includes: classroom workshops, independent work of students, individual work, and weekly consultations.

According to the courses of preparation the classes are provided on the following subjects:

  •  Ukrainian (Russian) language;
  •  mathematics;
  •  physics;
  •  chemistry;
  •  biology;
  •  computer science;
  •  history;
  • economy.

Groups are formed from the 1 September to 1 November.

To enter the Preparatory Department foreign citizens should contact the International Relations Department - the Visa Support Sector. To get admission to the Pre-University Department the foreign citizens should apply to the Visa Support Department, submit to the University the originals and pass notarized translation into Ukrainian of the following documents (note that in all documents there must be the same (up to letters) last name, first name, patronymic):

  1. Standard personal profile form (issued in the Visa Support Department);
  2. Passport and a copy of the notarized translation of its first page (last name, first name, patronymic) in Ukrainian;
  3. Document (a copy of a notarized translation into Ukrainian or Russian) of complete secondary education with the list of subjects and grades (points) received at the exams;
  4. Medical certificate confirming the absence of HIV infection, and chest X-ray. Without the certificate or if the certificate is not recognized in Ukraine, the foreign entrant shall promptly at his own expense submit to a blood test for the absence of HIV infection;

The document must be issued not later than 2 months before leaving for studying in Ukraine.

  1. Medical certificate of health status (the original and a copy of the notarized translation into Ukrainian), which confirms the absence of medical contraindications for living and studying in Ukraine certified by an official health authority of the country which the foreign resident comes from;
  2. Birth certificate (a copy translated into Ukrainian).
  3. 3×4 cm photos (10 pieces);

The documents listed in paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 should be certified in accordance with the laws of the issuing country, and legalized under the established procedure (consular legalization or apostil).

Foreign citizens are admitted to the Pre-University Department on the basis of signed contracts.

Period of studying at the Pre-University Department for foreign citizens continues 10 months.

Tuition is 23100* UAH.

Student hostel (for 10 months) is 12000* UAH

*Note: Tuition may change.

 For detailed information, please, contact: +38 (044) 287-96-93