Висоцький Олександ. Голова студради НУХТ
Голова студентської ради НУХТ
Висоцький Олександр
ННІ ХТ, група ОП-4-8

The student’s life at the University is interesting and informative. The profound knowledge, acquired at the lectures and practical classes, give them the opportunity to participate in scientific conferences, contests and competitions and achieve important results.

Today student self-government is actively developing at the university. Students independently solve many social issues. They themselves maintain discipline and order on the territory of the campus and manage the hostels. Every year student's building teams repair dormitories and educational buildings, equip the territory of the university.

Self-government is an essential feature of a democratic civil society, which is embodied in the state-guaranteed right and real ability of citizens to resolve the issues of their own life independently and responsibly, by combining their efforts, and within the limits of certain powers and available resources.

Student self-government in NUFT is a state-guaranteed right for students to resolve issues assigned to their authority independently or through representative bodies. This is an independent public activity of students, whose purpose is ensuring the student's fulfillment of their duties, protection of their rights, creation of appropriate conditions for study, rest, accommodation in dormitories, the involvement of students in solving problems facing the university team, participating in its management, disclosure of the potentialities and abilities of young people, formation of their skills in organizational and educational work in the labor collectives.

Many students are awarded by the scholarships, rector testimonials and other rewards for their excellent educational results and active participation in public life.

Голови студентської ради НУХТ:

  1. Ярош Наталія (2016-2018);
  2. Чикезов Віталій (2015-2016);
  3. Мирона Анна Сергіївна (2014-2015);
  4. Лескович Марія Олексіївна (2013-2014);
  5. Мартищенко Віталій Сергійович (2011-2013);
  6. Демченко Валерій Андрійович (2008-2011);
  7. Богатирьов Василь Сергійович (2006-2008);
  8. Ткачук Юрій Михайлович (2003-2006);
  9. Позняковський Сергій Володимирович (2002-2003);
  10. Бойко Володимир Олександрович (2000-2002);
  11. Бондар Ігор Петрович (1999-2000).