Scientific activity

Scientific activity at NUFT is targeted at elaboration of theoretical fundamentals of food technologies, their intensification and optimization; creation of the new progressive technologies and high-effective equipment, systems and means to mechanize the laborious processes and productions, new energy-saving devices and systems of reasonable energy supplement; improvement of organization and increase of effectiveness of food and procession enterprises.

According to the main trends of scientific and innovative activity in Ukraine and regarding the development of academic schools at NUFT, the priorities of development of science and techniques at the university are the following:

  1. Elaboration of technologies of foodstuffs with curative and preventive destination.
  2. Elaboration of the novelty energy and resource saving technologies.
  3. Elaboration of scientific fundamentals for technological processes in food, microbiological, and pharmaceutical industries with a purpose to create the high-effective technologies and equipment, the means of mechanization and automatization.
  4. Scientific fundamentals for elaboration of the novelty packaging systems providing the longer shelf-life of foodstuffs.
  5. Increase of effectiveness of activity by enterprises of food and procession branches of agro industrial complex (AIC) within market conditions.
  6. Ecologization of production at food and procession branches of AIC.
  7. Elaboration of principally new high-effective technologies of microbial synthesis to obtain foodstuffs with targeted destination.
  8. Elaboration of scientific fundamentals to create the automatic management systems for computer-integrated enterprises of food and procession industry.
  9. Elaboration of nanotechnologies for food production.
  10. Elaboration of new informational technologies of decision taking in industrial and educational activity.
  11. Elaboration of the novelty scientific-and-methodical and informational technologies for educational process, aimed at increase of higher education quality.