About University


The National University of Food Technologies is a powerful educational and research complex, known and deeply respected not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. It is the only higher technical educational institution in Ukraine which provides training of highly qualified specialists of different educational qualifications from 'junior specialist' to 'master's degree' for high-tech branches of economy.

The history of our educational institution is a part of Ukraine's history. It dates back to 1884, when technical classes were opened at Smila Sugar Refinery premises, the first in the history of the Russian Empire technical school for the training of chemical engineers and foremen of sugar production. They became the basis for the establishment of the Institute of Sugar Industry in Kyiv.

It repeatedly changed the name: Kyiv Institute of Sugar Industry and Kyiv Institute of Sugar Technology (1930), Kyiv Chemical Technology Institute of Food Industry (1933), Kyiv Technological Institute of Food Industry named after A.I. Mikoian (1935), Ukrainian State University of Food Technologies (1993), the National University of Food Technologies (2002).

The only thing that remained unchanged was teaching staff's aspiration at any stage of the state’s historical development to train the highest-class specialists, educate selfless, persistent, creative individuals, invest all their skills, knowledge and hearts in the harmonious development of their students.

Over the years, our university has significantly expanded a range of areas and specialties of training and has become famous not only in the post-Soviet  countries, but also a recognized HEI  abroad.

The National University of Food Technologies is an educational and research complex, which has created a closed cycle of pre-university, graduate and postgraduate training and retraining of specialists. The complex includes 2 educational and research institutes, 5 faculties, 2 institutes of postgraduate education, 7 branches and 11 colleges located in different cities of Ukraine.

In total, about 25,000 students are trained in our educational complex. More than 150 Doctors of Science and Professors, about 480 Candidates of Science are involved in the educational process. Among them there are 21 members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and branch academies, 19 laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine, 16 honored workers of science and engineering and honored workers of education.

Students are provided with a scientific and technical library that is located in a separate building and has more than 1 million 210 thousand copies of printed publications and books, canteens and buffets, student sports and recreation camps, a campus that combines six dormitories, a training and sports complex with a modern pool.

The university has all the conditions for creative and physical development of students. There are many artistic amateur societies, creative teams, sports clubs, the Center for Cultural and Aesthetic Education.

Time is running tirelessly. There have been more than 130 years of searching, persistent, inspired work and victories in the past. The history of the university is a history of outstanding achievements and incredible success, and this encourages to act efficiently.  Nowadays is the best time for each person to be fully revealed in accordance with one's passion, talent and abilities. The National University of Food Technologies has all the conditions for that, our teaching staff educate the intellectual elite of society. Powerful scientific and pedagogical schools, highly-qualified teaching staff, modernized training base, wide use of the latest information technologies provide the opportunity to train high-quality specialists who are widely demanded not only in the labor market of Ukraine.

The university staff is constantly at the edge of scientific and technological progress. A vivid testimony to this is the recognition of its scientific achievements both in Ukraine and abroad.

Graduates of our HEI recall their student years as the happiest years of their lives. Wherever they live (during the existence of our university there have been trained thousands of specialists for many countries of the world), wherever they work, they remember their Alma Mater and are proud to have studied in Kyiv national university of food technologies.