National University of Food Technologies - a powerful educational complex, known and deeply respected not only in Ukraine but also abroad. It is Ukraine's only higher technical educational institution, which trains highly qualified specialists in different educational levels - from "junior specialist" to "master" - the 215 educational programs for the food, meat, dairy, pharmaceutical, perfumery and many other industries.

The history of our school - part of history. It began in 1884, when Smelyanskoye refinery opened technical classes - the first ever Empire technical school to train technicians, chemists and artists sugar production. They became the basis for the establishment of the Institute in Kiev sugar industry. He repeatedly changed its name: Kyiv Institute of Sugar Industry and Sugar Kyiv Institute of Technology (1930), Kyiv Institute of Chemical Technology Food Industry (1933), Kyiv Technological Institute of Food Industry University. AI Mikoyan (1935), Ukrainian State University of Food Technology (1993), National University of Food Technology (2002). Remained unchanged, only the collective desire at any stage of historical development of the state to prepare specialists of the highest quality, educate dedicated, persistent, creative individuals to invest all his skills, all knowledge, all life in the harmonious development of their students.

Over the years our school has greatly expanded the palette areas and specialties and became known not only in the former USSR, but also a recognized authority abroad.

National University of Food Technologies - an educational complex, which created a closed loop pre-university, stage and postgraduate training and retraining. The complex consists of 20 faculties, 2 Institute of Continuing Education and 13 technical schools and colleges that are located in different cities of Ukraine.

All in our educational sector acquire knowledge about 30,000 students and trainees. The training process involves more than 150 doctors and professors, more than 480 candidates. Among them - the 21 members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and branch academies, 15 laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine, 16 distinguished scientists and engineers, and educators.

The students - Scientific Library, which is located in a separate building and has over 1 mln.210 thousand copies of publications, dining and buffets, student recreational camps in the Black Sea and the Carpathian Mountains, campus, which brings together six hostels, educational and sports center with a modern swimming pool.

The university created the conditions for creative and physical development of students. There are numerous amateur art activities, art groups, sports clubs, Centre for Cultural and aesthetic education.

Tirelessly time passes. Remained in the past nearly 130 years of research, hard, inspired work, wins. Our history - history of outstanding achievements and undeniable success, and it leads to constructive action. Present - Time for full disclosure of each individual according to his vocation, talent and abilities. The National University of Food Technologies has created all conditions for such disclosure, our teachers educate the intellectual elite of society. Powerful scientific and pedagogical schools, highly qualified teaching staff, modernized training base, the widespread use of new information technologies make it possible to prepare high-quality professionals, are widely demanded in the labor market not only in Ukraine.

University staff is always at the forefront of scientific and technological progress. A clear indication of this is the recognition of his scientific achievements both in Ukraine and abroad.

Graduates recall student days as the happiest years of his life. Wherever they live (and in our institution during its existence has trained thousands of professionals in many countries of the world), which would not work, they remember their Alma Mater and proud that studied at the Kyiv food.



Rector of the University
Doctor of technical sciences,
  Anatoliy Ukrainets