Department of Analytical and Information Monitoring of Educational Activities

Main tasks:

  1. Organization of work on the development and periodic review of educational programs for higher education;
  2. Coordination of cooperation of structural divisions of the University on the issues of development and implementation of educational programs of preparation of applicants for higher education, preparation of cases on licensing and accreditation of educational activity of the University;
  3. Providing information-advisory and methodological assistance in the preparation of materials for the development, implementation of educational programs for higher education;
  4. Monitoring the timely execution of information on the implementation of educational activities in the field of higher education, certificates of accreditation of specialties (areas of training) and educational programs, their re-registration;
  5. Analysis of changes in the regulatory framework for the content and content of educational programs for the training of higher education, generalization of the information obtained and informing the structural units of the University;
  6. Participation in policy development of the internal quality assurance system of education and regulatory framework.
  7. Introduction of best practices of domestic and foreign higher education institutions on the quality of educational activities;
  8. Determining the main trends in quantitative and qualitative indicators based on the analysis of monitoring the indicators of the University, international, domestic ratings and labor market requirements;
  9. Collection of primary information about the quality of educational services provided at the University, its careful analysis and development of proposals for bringing it into line with world standards;
  10. Analysis of the compliance of the indicators of the internal system of quality assurance of educational activities with the criteria of external evaluation in order to improve the existing system;
  11. Monitoring the implementation of recommendations, orders and directives of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.