Department of Administration of the University and Separate Structural Subdivisions of the NUFT on EDEBO

Main tasks:

  1. Support of cases on licensing and accreditation of educational activities of the University and its structural subdivisions in the Unified State Base on Education (hereinafter - EDEBO);
  2. Organization of technical support of the process of formation and maintenance of data in EDEBO on the activities of the University and its separate structural units;
  3. Collection, processing, analysis and preparation of information about the contingent of students, staff, educational and methodological and logistical support for inclusion in EDEBO;
  4. Coordinating the ordering of documents on higher education in EDEBO for students and keeping records of these documents;
  5. Obtaining from educational and research institutes, faculties and branches of the University data on the movement of the contingent of students and their timely processing;
  6. Submission in the prescribed manner to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine proposals on the volume of the state order for the training of higher education (admission and graduation).