Department of Employment for Students and Graduates

The Employment Department of Graduates of the National University of Food Technologies is a structural unit of the University, established in 2010 to establish close cooperation with employers and assist NUFT graduates and students in employment. The main task of the department is to provide thousands of graduates, graduate students and students of the university, a variety of employment assistance, including temporary and seasonal. Employees of the department are engaged in establishing contacts with potential employers to form an array of permanent and temporary vacancies, conducting trainings, presentations, seminars and consultations on career, exhibition activities, interregional and international cooperation.

The department represents the university at various specialized events, including exhibitions, trade fairs, etc. For several years now, it has become a tradition to hold Job Fairs, which are attended by well-known domestic and foreign companies, organizations interested in employing promising young professionals. During such events, graduates and students have the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of companies, learn about available vacancies, and get information about open programs for employment, internships. The university is interested in providing its graduates with prestigious and interesting work in the specialty. This is what the work of the employment department is aimed at.

The main tasks are:

  • study of the labor market and its features;
  • informing graduates, graduate students and students of the university about vacancies in institutions, organizations and enterprises, as well as announcements of employment activities, including through social networks;
  • the possibility of long-term relationships with employers by signing cooperation agreements;
  • distribution of printed materials with information about companies related to the employment of graduates, graduate students and students in the educational departments of the university;
  • organization of employment events in the educational buildings of the university and beyond (career days, round tables, meetings of graduates and students with employers, professional trainings, etc.);
  • establishing feedback with employers in order to improve the training system at the university.

Our activities are aimed at helping future professionals in career guidance. Our department, in accordance with its functional responsibilities, is a kind of local employment center, so to speak, a guide between future employees and employers. Our goal is to promote partnerships between business and the educational environment. We invite to cooperation organizations and companies interested in young, energetic professionals who want to apply their knowledge in practice. This interaction of the university with a modern advanced manufacturer will help improve the quality of training, as well as the development of industry and the economy of our country. Representatives of employers' companies, or recruitment agencies, can submit their proposals for cooperation in the above or other areas to the employment department of graduates.

Tel.: (044) 287-94-80, (097) 275-13-11

Email: nuft.job@gmail.com