Department of Fats, Perfumery and Cosmetic Products Technology

завідувач кафедри

Chief of Department
Tamara Nosemko
professor, doctor of sciences

(created at 2011)

Bachelor's programme "Food Technologies" and masters programme in the specialization "Technologies of vegetable oils, fat and cosmetic products".

Graduates of the master's degree program "Technologies of vegetable oils, fat and cosmetic products" will get a theoretical knowledge and practical skills in:

  • technology of oil seed processing,
  • production of vegetable oils, proteins and essential oils,
  • refinery and modification of oils and fats,
  • technology of mayonnaise, margarine and functional fatty foods,
  • surface-active substances of food and technical purposes and compositions on their basis,
  • production of perfumery products, cosmetics for skin care, decorative cosmetics, detergents for the skin, hair, etc.

Graduates of the master's degree program will be able to:

  • food engineering, planning-developing engineering, or researching,
  • plan and manage research and development programs and projects,
  • perform management tasks in the food industry and the related fields,
  • coordinate food industry processes,
  • communicate their knowledge through education and consulting,

The theoretical knowledges about the technology of vegetable oils, fat and cosmetic products obtained by the students are strengthened during the industrial practices. Practical training is carried out at the advanced enterprises of Ukraine. The basic enterprises of practical training are:

  • Kiev margarine plant "OLKOM",
  • Vinnytsya and Zaporozhye oil refineries,
  • Myronivsky Hliboproduct Company,
  • Poltavsky Oil Extraction Plant Kernel Group,
  • Ltd Slobozhansky Soap,
  • Ltd "Delta Wilmar",
  • Kyiv enterprises for the production of cosmetic products Ltd "Natural cosmetics" and "Ekmi".

Among the graduates of the past years are leading specialists in the oil and fat industry, which are on the leading positions at food industry enterprises. They are the chairman of the Board of Directors of Private Joint-Stock Company with Foreign Investments "Protein-Production" Evgen Scherbak, Director of Tate & Lyle Food Systems Representative Office Vadym Dzyavoruk, Director of Ltd. "Sinteksing" Bogdan Galat, Head of Laboratory of PJSC "Kyiv Atlantic Ukraine" Natalya Fesenko, Director of Development of PJSC "Kyiv Margarine Plant" Artem Oleksenko, Leading Technologist of "Ecolife" company July Gagarina and others.

The department has a certificate program "Cosmetology" where students can obtain additional practical and theoretical skills and knowledge.


Last modified: 08 December 2021