Department of Technology of Healthy Food

Завідувач кафедри

The head of the department
Galyna Simakhina
Doctor of Sciences in Techniques, Professor

The Department of Technology of Healthy Food was the first in 2001 to train the specialists majoring in 'Technologies of foodstuffs with curative and preventive destination' on bachelor, specialist, and master levels. The necessity to train such specialists was conditioned by the world tendencies of development of modern food technologies oriented at production of principally new generation of foodstuffs (with wellness, preventive, curative, and dietetic destination). 

The graduates from this specialty are able to construct, create and produce the foodstuffs correspondent to the main principles of the 21st century nutrition, which are effectiveness, safety, and quality.

Studying at the Department of Technology of Healthy Food has got an array of advantages, the main of which are:

  • High-quality education and the international recognition of the diploma;
  • Master, post-graduate and doctorate studies;
  • Intensive learning of foreign languages and acquirement of the second higher education;
  • Up-to-date material and technical base to conduct the laboratory classes and scientific researches;
  • The possibility to create new healthy foodstuffs on your own and thereinafter patent them according to Ukrainian legislation;
  • Mastering the main principles to combine the new diets for healthy, curative, and preventive nutrition;
  • Participation in Ukrainian and international conferences dedicated to the problems of technologies, quality, and safety of foodstuffs;
  • Constant co-operation and business relationships with potential employers;
  • Employment on the leading enterprises, firms, and organizations dealing with food and pharmaceutical industries.

Employers highly appreciate the quality of education given to the students majoring in ' Technologies of foodstuffs with curative and preventive destination'. Our graduates work in prestigious companies, firms and state institutions, in collectives of the Committee for the Control of Drugs (chemical technologists), laboratories of food quality at customs offices (main experts in food products), enterprises such as 'Ecomedservice' (specialists in evaluation of foodstuffs and ecological control), joint stock companies Dolce Vita, Danone, Rosynka, Obolon, Zhytomyrski lasoschi, Roshen (technologists and specialists in evaluation of foodstuffs' safety), Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute 'Resurs' and joint stock company 'Farmak' (specialists in certification of technologies and equipment,  standards' harmonization), Institute of Intellectual Property (trade mark experts), Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (experts in evaluation of quality and safety of products), Institute of Microbiology and Virology related to National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, Institute of Technical Thermal Physics related to National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine (engineer technologists), firms for production and usage of dietary supplements, and so on.

The graduates from the department of technology of healthy foodstuffs are the new type specialists that are highly required by today's domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, everyone of them has got the possibility to successfully end up on the trade market both in Ukraine and abroad.

Generally, the HEALTH OF UKRAINIAN NATION is the first priority and the main goal of the activity of students, graduates, and teachers of the department of technologies of healthy food!


Last modified: 21 September 2018

The department trains the specialists on the following levels:


Training the specialists in the field of knowledge 18 «Production and Technologies» in specialty 181 «Food Technologies» and educational programme:

  • Food Technologies and Engineering
Form of Studying Terms of Studying
Full-time (Daily) 4 years
Daily abbreviated 2 or 3 years
Extramural / Distanced 4 years 6 months
Extramural abbreviated / Distanced abbreviated 2 years 6 months or 3 years 6 months

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Training the specialists in the field of knowledge 18 «Production and Technologies» in specialty 181 «Food Technologies» and educational programme:

  • Technologies of Foodstuffs for Curative and Preventive Destination
Form of Studying Terms of Studying
All forms 1 years 6 months

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Training the specialists in the field of knowledge 18 «Production and Technologies» in specialty 181 «Food Technologies»:

Form of Studying Terms of Studying
All forms 4 years

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Training the specialists in the field of knowledge 18 «Production and Technologies» in specialty 181 «Food Technologies»:

Form of Studying Terms of Studying
Full-time (Daily) 2 years

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Dear graduates from schools, lyceums, colleges and technical colleges!

We invite you to get the higher education
at the Department of Technology of Healthy Food!


Ten advantages of studying at the Department of Technology of Healthy Food:

  1. The Department is aimed at training and education of real professionals.
  2. The Department evidences: the three components – intelligence, temper, and capability – are the most important in the field of technologies of healthy food.
  3. The position of our Department: self-education is the only personal compatible advantage of every student today.
  4. The Department prepares the students to the future activity in a great array of professions, but not in a separate occupation.
  5. The Department trains: the employers are oriented at the result of a specialist's work, but not at the marks in one's diploma.
  6. The Department provides: perfect language training, communicative skills, responsibility, literate speech, professional growth, and the spirit of team-working.
  7. The Department forms in students: the desire to permanent perfection, quick adaptation to external conditions, the ability to write one's own history of health and the similar histories for consumers of one's products.
  8. The Department assures: the perspectives for healthy food technologists to get employed are various – the entire domestic and foreign trade markets. The content analysis of vacancies provides the affirmed statistics.
  9. The Department confirms: the prestige of the profession of healthy food technologist on the world market is the synonym for one's competence.

The Department benefits the development of leaders – in professional activity and in science as well as in self-realization.

The high-level education allows the graduates to work in food enterprises of different forms of property, in high schools, academic and constructor organizations, in enterprises specializing in production and realization of healthy foodstuffs, in centers of evaluation of foodstuffs quality, in pharmaceutical enterprises, and in laboratories to certify foodstuffs and dietary supplements and to control their quality.

The graduates from master studies are invited to further gain their qualification in Post Graduate and Doctorate Studies at the Department of Technologies of Healthy Food.

The disciplines to be taught at the department

Title Academic hours
Physiology and Hygiene of Nutrition 75
Introduction to Food Technologies 120
Fundamentals of Valeology 90
Fundamentals of scientific research 90
Chemistry and Pharmacognosy of Plants 135
Technologies of Foodstuffs with Curative and Preventive Destination 66
Control of Quality and Safety of Foodstuffs 27
Fundamentals of Production of Foodstuffs with Wellness Destination 90
Technology of Foods for Children's and Herodietetic Nutrition 240
Fundamentals of Construction of New Foodstuffs 240
Fundamentals of Cryogenous and Drying Technologies 75
Technology of Natural Food Sorbents 120
Technology of Foodstuffs with Functional Destination 270
Designing of the Branch Enterprises with the Basics of CAD 135
Technology of Food and Dietary Supplements 150
Modeling and Creation of Innovative Products of Food Industry 75
Technology of Natural Vitamins 105
Monitoring of Manufacturing Processes for the Production of Healthy Foodstuffs 90


Title Academic hours
Methods of Optimization the Production of Healthy Foodstuffs 120
Technology of Wellness Drinks and Phytoconcentrates 180
Improvement of Technologies and Products for Special Contingents 120
Scientific-Research Practicum 180
Bioactive nutritional components and health 120
Innovations in food science, nutrients and technologies of health products 360
Management of quality and safety of health products 150

The base to open the specialty 'Technologies of foodstuffs with curative and preventive destination' was created by the many-year scientific researches conducted in Problem Research Laboratory of our University. They were aimed at design and implementation of technologies for the production of foodstuffs and dietary supplements with increased biological value on the base of various traditional and non-traditional raw materials, with usage of low-temperature, cryogenous, and disintegration technologies which remain one of the main priority trend of our activity by now.

Thematic range of scientific works by teachers of the Department is the following:

  • projection, construction, production and hardware design of new foodstuffs with immune modulating, adaptogenous and radioprotective action;
  • elucidation of the influence of foodstuffs ingredients on the human organism livelihoods;
  • studying the mechanism of mutual influence and dependence between separate biocomponents of foodstuffs and live cells;
  • researching the methods to intensify and optimize the technological processes;
  • researching the impact of structural properties of water and dissolved biologically active substances on metabolic processes;
  • studying the electronic and spatial construction of biologically active substances in quantum-chemical half-empiric and non-empiric approaches;
  • studying the dynamics of water molecules movement and the possibilities of water to create the structural aggregates with a help of spin probe conducted by EPR spectroscopy;
  • studying the mechanism of biological accumulation of microelements in plant raw materials in order to obtain mineralized functional dietary supplements;
  • design of the fundamentals of technology for the production of compositionally trended natural food aromas with programmed aromatic and physico-chemical properties.

Teachers of the department conduct a great deal of fundamental and applied scientific researches on budget themes determined by Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.


The Department of Technologies of Functional Foodstuffs was established


The Department was reorganized in the Department of Technology of Healthy Foods


The first extramural specialists and masters graduated from the University