Department of Technology Мilk and Dairy Products

Завідувач кафедри

Head of Department
Polischuk, Galina
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

(established in 1967)

The Department of Technology Мilk and Dairy Products, which started its activity in 1967, provides training for specialists in educational, vocational and educational programs in accordance with the following levels of higher education:

  • the first (bachelor) level in specialty 181 "Food Technologies";
  • the second (master's) level in specialty 181 "Food Technologies" specializing in "Technologies of storage, preservation and processing of milk";
  • the third (educational-scientific) level in specialty 181 "Food Technologies" specializing in "Technology of meat, dairy products and products from hydrobionts".

Graduated graduates of the department have a high professional and educational-scientific level of training that allows them to solve complex engineering, technical, scientific and research tasks in the production conditions of enterprises of the food industry and in the conditions of scientific research and educational laboratories of research institutes and universities.

To provide educational process at the department there are 2 educational and 2 scientific and research facilities technically and methodically equipped laboratories, as well as a computer class.

In the process of learning, students study the peculiarities of technology of milk and milk products and carry out research work, model production processes. Training laboratories are equipped with the following technical means: thermostats and ultra-thermostats, laboratory centrifuges, centrifuges for fat measurement and water baths, coil heaters, drying cabinets, analyzers of milk quality, electronic and analytical weights, photoelectric calorimeter, butter-tone scales, masticator, refractometers, pH-meters, viscometer VZ-246, a heppler consistometer, Chyzhovа moistometer, a laboratory homogenizer-dispersant, a semi-phase frigorizer ice cream, milk starter, vacuum pumps, milk analyzer AM-2, microscopes. That is, there are all necessary for quality control of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, as well as for scientific researches, measuring instruments and installations, laboratory utensils, reagents, etc.

For postgraduate and doctoral students training, all conditions for obtaining theoretical knowledge, skills, skills and other competencies sufficient for the production of new ideas, solving complex problems in the field of professional and research and innovation activities, mastering the methodology of scientific and pedagogical activities, and as well as conducting own scientific research, the results of which have a scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance.

According to the results of own scientific researches under the scientific guidance of the leading faculty members of the department, the defenders of the dissertation work of the applicants of educational-scientific degree on specialty 181 "Food Technologies" with specialization "Technology of meat, dairy products and products from hydrobionts" are held annually in the field of development of new and the improvement of existing technologies for milk and milk-contain products.



Last modified: 12 October 2018

The department carries out training of specialists:

Educational Degree «BACHELOR»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 18 "Production and technology" in specialty 181 "Food technologies" and educational program:

  • Food Technology and Engineering
Form of study Period of study
Day 4 years
Day is shortened 2 or 3 years
Distance / Distance 4 years 6 months
Correspondence reduced / reduced Distanc 2 years 6 months or 3 years 6 months

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Educational Degree «MASTER»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 18 "Production and technology" in specialty 181 "Food technologies" and educational program:

  • Technologies for storage, preservation and processing of milk
Form of study Period of study
All forms of study 1 year 6 months

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Scientific Degree «PhD»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 18 "Production and technology" in specialty 181 "Food Technologies"

Form of study Period of study
All forms of study 4 years

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Scientific Degree «DOCTOR OF SCIENCES»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 18 "Production and technology" in specialty 181 "Food Technologies"

Form of study Period of study
Day 2 years

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Training at the Department of Technology of Milk and Dairy Products is a guarantee of quality training on the basis of the latest world achievements of the industry, as well as a reliable prospect of employment, due to the university's deserved authority and high qualification of specialists. The overwhelming majority of graduates work at dairy enterprises.

Educational disciplines, which are taught at the department

Name Number of hours
Scientific and practical bases of technology of dairy products 90
Chemistry and physics of milk and dairy products 150
Technological calculations, accounting and reporting in the industry 75
Design of dairy industry enterprises with the basics of CAD 180
Modeling and creating innovative food products 120
Technologies of food production. Section. Milk and milk products technology  
Basics of receiving and primary milk processing 120
Technologies of whole milk products and ice cream 210
Technology of cheeses and products of milk-based cheeses 240
Fundamentals of technology for preserving and storing milk and milk-based products 120
Special dairy products technology 60
Тechnology of milk and milk-contain products 420


Name Number of hours
Innovations in the dairy industry 270
Methods of optimization of milk and milk products production 120
Research workshop 180
Scientific bases of non-waste technologies of renewable raw materials 150
Logistic systems of milk processing enterprises 90
Innovative food ingredients in dairy technology 120
Management of quality and safety of milk and milk-based products 150
World trends in the development of the milk processing industry  


Name Number of hours
Rheology of food masses 150
Actual problems of food technologies 210
Professional colloquium 150

The research work of the department is coordinated and carried out according to the scientific direction, under the direction of professor Polishchuk G. on the theme: "Development of physico-chemical bases of formation of indicators of quality of milk and milk products with natural components".

Teachers of the Department are engaged in research work in accordance with individual plans, in accordance with the scientific topics of the University, whose main task is resource and energy-saving technologies and improving the quality of food products.

The Department of Technology Milk and Dairy Products implements the state budget for 2017-2020 "Formation of quality and safety of milk and milk products with natural components" (registration number 0117 U 004398) with the participation of all teachers the department.

In order to strengthen ties with the dairy industry and increase the level of training of specialists, scientific and practical seminars and conferences are held annually, in which the lecturers of the department of our university and scientists of other educational institutions, research institutions, representatives of ministries and departments, leading companies from production of equipment, detergents, food additives, packaging and packaging, etc. At conferences and seminars, issues of increasing the efficiency of milk processing and the competitiveness of dairy products, ways to overcome crisis situations in the industry, protecting the intellectual property of enterprises are considered.

The department annually concludes contracts with the enterprises of the branch for fulfillment of the contracting subjects with an average annual amount of financing about 30-60 thousand UAH.

Each year, professors of the department receive dozens of patents for inventions and useful models, publish articles in professional domestic and foreign publications and magazines that are part of the international scientific metric bases Scopus and Web of Science.

Annually representatives of the department take part in the international scientific and technical conferences held in Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and others.

The staff of the department actively participate in the exhibitions "The World of Ice Cream and Cold & Meat and Dairy Industry", "Baby Expo", "Inprodmash" and others.

According to the results of research carried out at the Department of Technology of Milk and Dairy Products, the technical conditions and technological instructions for new types of dairy products have been developed and approved: TS U 02070938-009-2011 "Butter enriched with carrot powder"; TS U 15.5-02070938-111: 2011 "Drinks for serum"; TS U 15.5-02070938-099: 2009 "Concentrate of serum albumin, obtained by ultrafiltration and diafiltration"; TS U 15.5-02070938-108: 2011 "Frozen basis for semi-finished products from cheese milk"; TS U 15.8-02070938125: 2012 "Condensed milk tinned with sugar and fruit-and-berry fillers"; TS U 10.5-00446374-001: 2016 «Butter with low fatty butter, butter with flavoring ingredients and butter with low fat content with flavoring ingredients»; TS U 15.5-02070938121: 2011 "Ice cream with combined composition of raw materials"; TS U 15.5-02070938137: 2013 "Milk ice cream with wheat germ"; TS U 15.5-02070938138: 2013 "Ice cream with a combined composition of raw materials" and TS U 15.5.-02070938139: 2013 "Ice cream of the muesli"; TS U 10.5-02070938-221: 2016 " Paste protein-fat"; TS U 10.5-02070938-256: 2018 "Milk-protein granular product"; TS U 10.5-02070938-254: 2018 "Ice cream with a combined composition of raw materials"; TS U 10.5 0207 0938-253: 2018 "The product is sour cream"; and many others.

Innovative developments of the department are approbated, and some are already introduced into production at such leading enterprises of the industry: PJSC "Pervomaisky Milk Canning Plant"; Open Society "Ovruchsky dairy canning factory"; PE "Belotserkiv Agrarian Group"; PJSC "KAGMA"; OJSC "Zhashkiv Butter Plant"; OJSC "Yagotinsky Butter Plant"; "Three bears" Ltd.; Berdichev Ice-cream Factory; Pyryatinsky Cheese Factory OJSC; OJSC "Prydniprovsky Plant"; CJSC "Obukhiv Dairy Plant", PJSC "Kaniv Butter Fodder Plant"; PJSC "Dubnomoloko", LLC "La Dzelaterya", LLC "Alpha" and others.

The theoretical and practical achievements of the scientific work of the department are implemented in the educational process in the teaching of professional disciplines, in course and diploma design, in the preparation of materials for textbooks and textbooks.

In 1967

created a department of technology and equipment for the production of meat and dairy industry;

In 1969

the department was reorganized into the Department of Technology of Milk and Dairy Products and in the same year the Department was opened a graduate school;

In 1986

at the Kiev municipal dairy plant №1, a training and production department of the department was established;

On the basis of the department, a branch research laboratory for the development of small and non-waste technologies for the processing of raw materials of the meat and dairy industry is organized;

In 2003

on the basis of the specialty "Technologies of storage, preservation and processing of milk" opened the specialization "Ice cream technology";

In 2004

annual scientific and practical seminars and conferences on the development of dairy industry with the participation of leading manufacturers of dairy products, equipment, manufacturers of bacterial and enzyme preparations, packaging, detergents, etc.;

In 2011

activity of student scientific circle "Dairy business" in the direction of research work "Development of resource-saving technologies of dairy products of preventive action" under the leadership of the head of the department, prof., D.T.N. Polishchuk G.E.

In 2016

on the basis of specialty 181 "Food Technologies" educational activities started within the limits of certificate programs.