Department of Sugar Technology and Water Preparation

Karpovich Inna Vitalievna. Завідувач кафедри

Head of the Department
Karpovich Inna Vitalievna
Associate Professor, Ph.D.

(established in 1884)

Department of Sugar Technology and Water Preparation – the only department in the system of higher education of Ukraine, which trains specialists to work in the sugar and starch and molasses industries.

Over the years of its existence the department has trained more than 6,300 process engineers for the needs of the sugar and other industries. Graduates of the department – a whole pleiad of leading experts of the industry. As a graduate department it trains highly qualified specialists ("bachelors" and "masters") in the specialty 181 "Food Technologies", two educational programs: "Technologies of sugar and polysaccharides", and "Technologies of drinking water and water treatment of food production".

The department has postgraduate and doctoral studies to train highly qualified personnel in the specialty 05.18.05 "Technology of sugary substances and fermentation products".

The material and technical base of the department includes a training laboratory, a modern laboratory for water treatment, a reagent room, 2 research laboratories, a computer center.

The technological processes for obtaining sugar and sugary substances are the most difficult among food technologies, so the level of theoretical and practical training of the department' graduates allows them to re-qualify for work in food enterprises without additional complications, if it is necessary. In 2010, at the department of sugar technology and polysaccharides, a new specialty "Technology of drinking water and water treatment of food production" was opened. In 2011, the department was renamed into the department of "Sugar and water technology". Today, the department is an educational and scientific center on the preparation of drinking and process water for food products, development of new technologies and apparatus for the purification of complex aqueous dispersed systems, improvement of methods for analyzing and monitoring the quality of water systems. The new specialty is a logical development of the training of highly skilled specialists in the specialty of "Food technology and engineering".

Knowledge acquired by students will enable graduates of the department to work in the food industry, water treatment plants, laboratories for drinking water quality, research institutions (academic and institutional), design organizations and commercial structures associated with drinking water preparation.

Graduates of the specialty "Technologies of sugar and polysaccharides" can occupy not only senior positions in sugar and starch and molasses industries (chief engineer, chief technologist, shift supervisor, shop manager, production manager, food quality control engineer, etc.) but also work as scientific employees and lecturers at educational institutions.

The department cooperates with educational institutions (Compiegne Technological University (France), Lodz Polytechnic (Poland), University of Opole (Poland), Odesa State Academy of Food industries, Kharkiv State Academy of Technology and Management, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy etc. and academic and sectoral research institutes (Institute of Biocolloidal Chemistry, Institute of Technical Thermophysics, Institute for Sorption and Problems of Endoecology, Ukrainian Research Institute of Sugar Industry, Republican Unitary Enterprise "Scientific-Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Food" and others.). The staff of the department maintains close relations with the State Department of Food of Ukraine, the National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine, food enterprises.


Last modified: 13 October 2023

The department prepares specialists:

educational degree «BACHELOR»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 18 “Production and technologies” in specialty 181 “Food technologies” and educational program:

  • Food Technologies and Engineering
Training form Training period
Full-time 4 years
Full-time shortened 2 or 3 years
Extramural / Online (distant) 4 years 6 months
Extramural shortened / Online (distant) shortened 2 years 6 months or 3 years 6 months

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educational degree «MASTER»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 18 “Production and technology” in specialty 181 “Food technologies” and educational programs:

  • Technologies of sugar and polysaccharide
  • Technologies of drinking water and water treatment of food production
Training form Training period
All forms of training 1 years 6 months

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scientific degree of «DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 18 “Production and technologies” in specialty 181 “Food Technologies”

Training form Training period
All forms of training 4 years

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scientific degree of «DOCTOR OF SCIENCES»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 18 “Production and technologies” in specialty 181 “Food Technologies”

Training form Training period
Full-time 2 years

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Educational disciplines trained by the Department

Name Amount of hours
Technology of drinking water 360
Technology of industry (during 3, 4 years of study) 846
Microbiological processes in sugar production 54
Technological calculations. Accounting and reporting in the industry 108
Physicochemical and biological basis of water and wastewater treatment 72
Physico-chemical and biological bases of natural waters treatment 72
General technologies of food industry 1440
Microbiology of water 54
Technologies of sugar products and sweeteners 72
Designing of industry enterprises (sugar, water) 252
Polysaccharide technology and their application 198
Technologies of treatment of food industries wastewaters 108
Basic principles of hygiene of water and beverages production 54
Modeling and creating innovative food products 144
Technology of pectin and pectin products 72
Starch Technology 108
Chemistry of sugar-based raw materials 54
Technologies for the packaged water and beverages production 54
Physical and chemical bases of water and aqueous solutions 90
Basics of rational water use 90
Water treatment technologies at food industry enterprises 108
Technological seminar 72
Integrated processing of water treatment products 72
Theoretical basics of sugar production 108
Baiscs of biotechnology of sugar starch products 72


Name Amount of hours
Optimization of the technological processes of the industry 504
Innovative technologies of the industry 504
Research Workshop 216
Perspective directions of scientific research in the industry 180
Rational water consumption 72

The scientific activity of the department is focused on developing the new technologies of saccharides and water preparation, analyzing various sets of equipment to be used for these purposes, researching methods of intensification and optimization of technological processes. A considerable volume of scientific research is done on state budget and per orders of private enterprises working in the field. The department operates the scientifi and production center "Tsukrotehnologiya".


  • making and implementation of research work;
  • organization and participation in the work of scientific and applied scientific-conferences and seminars;
  • participation in the organization and work of the scientific and technical conference of sugar producers of Ukraine;
  • organizing and holding a conference on technologies of purification of drinking water and water treatment;
  • Participation in the organization and holding a scientific conference of young scientists, postgraduates and students;
  • preparation of scientific works and applications for inventions;
  • Preparation for the publication of articles in international scientific journals in the specialized editions included in the list of VACs;
  • preparation for the publication of abstracts at conferences and seminars;
  • preparation of applications for obtaining a patent in Ukraine;
  • directing the research work of students: and scientific student groups on technology of the field, electrotechnologies, technology of starch, technologies of water treatment.


  • improvement of the technology of purification of diffusion juice on the basis of the use of non-traditional reagents;
  • development of an effective method for conducting the process of basic liming and equipment for its realization;
  • development of a method for purification of diffusion juice using chemical reagents and flocculants;
  • Improvement of the method of quenching scalded limestone and preparation of lime milk for purification of diffusion juice;
  • development and improvement of the technologies of starch products;
  • development and improvement of the technologies of pectin and pectin products;
  • improvement of technological processes of crystallization of sucrose, development of effective instrumental methods for analysis of sugar production;
  • research of chemical composition of water for technological processes of food production and quality of sewage;
  • improvement of technologies for purification of drinking water and water treatment of food industries.


In the city of Smila, two-year technical classes were opened - the first technical school in the history of the Russian Empire to train chemists and experts in sugar production.


At the first All-Russian hygienic exhibition in St. Petersburg, the school received a gold medal.


At the XVI All-Russian Industrial and Art Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, technical classes were awarded the first degree diploma.


The Department of Chemical Technology of Nutrients has been founded at the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, where the training of engineers on the technology of sugar, starch, glucose and fermentation products had started.


Professor D. I. Mendeleyev, who was present at final examinations and defense of theses as chairman of the State Inspection, positively regarded the graduates of the Chemical Faculty of the KPI. It should be noted that DI Mendeleev was not only an outstanding chemist, but also a leading expert in the field of sugar production. Back in the 50's and 60's of the nineteenth century under his direction a number of issues of the "Technical Encyclopedia" was published. Among these issues, in 1862, he personally issued "Sugar Production". This book played an important role in the rapid development of sugar production in Russia.


By 1917 technical classes had trained 440 qualified specialists. I.A. Kukharenko, founder of the theory of crystallization, future head of the technology department of the sugar industry of the Kiev Institute of Food Technologies had graduated from the Smelian technical classes. The Smilian classes received the status of the middle chemical engineering school with a four-year term.


The school was reorganized into the technical school of the sugar industry.


On the basis of the technical school the Smiley Institute of Sugar was created. At the same time was founded the Chemical department of KPI, which was later reorganized into a separate faculty of sugar.


The Kiev Institute of Sugar Industry (KICC) was founded on the basis of the Smilian Institute of Sugar Industry, as well as Sugar Faculties of the Kamyanets-Podilsky Chemical Technology Institute and the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The institute had three faculties: sugar (chemical), mechanics (sugar plant) and economics. The first director of the technological department of sugar substances in 1930-1931 was professor O.O. Kirov (1877-1942).

At the beginning of 1930-1931 educational year the departments of sugar production of the Kharkov and Leningrad technological institutes were transferred to the newly created institute The Institute was named "Kyiv Technological Institute of Sugar Industry".


From October 1931 to October 1932, the chair was headed by professor P.V. Golovin In 1931, at the initiative of the departments of machines and devices, technologies of sugar substances and heat engineering,, an industrial technical assistance bureau was established at the institute. The task of the bureau was to consult industrial enterprises at their request, audit the companies and institutions, provide project expertise, etc.


Considerable attention was paid to the department of training of scientific personnel. In accordance with the decree of the SNK of the USSR of January 13, 1934, the institute obtained the right to appoint candidate's degrees and to hold hearings for doctors dissertations. . After that, the teachers of the department I. M. Litvak, K. D. Yura, I. M. Vatnik, A.I. Rudek defended candidate dissertations.


In 1960 the scientific-educational sugar factory began to work at the department. At the factory the students were developing the modes for conducting the separate technological processes with the delivery of finished products. They also carried out scientific researches.


In 1972-1987, the department was headed by Professor M.O. Arkhipovich (1915 - 1994). Continuing the traditions of predecessors - P.V. Golovin and I.M.,he has done a great deal for the development of scientific research and the improvement of the educational process. M.O. Archipevich was one of those who initiated on behalf of the institute the scientific study of starch-molasses production.


The department was reorganized into the department "Technologies of sugar and succulent acids".


The specialization "Technology Sakharoz" was licensed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for the IV level of accreditation. Since that year the department has started training specialists at the level: bachelor, specialist and master's degree. Department, oper the demand from the field began training the first specialists in the specialization "Microbiology of crackers production".


The name of the department has been changed to "Sugar and Food Technologies for Health and Prevention".


Department was reorganized into the department "Technologies of Sugar and Polysaccharides".


New specialization "Technology of drinking water and water treatment of food industry" was licensed.


The name has changed to the Department of "Sugar and Water Technology". The training of bachelors in the subfield 6.051701 "Food Technologies and Engineering," training of specialists and masters in the specialtization 7.05170111, 8.05170111 "Technologies of sugar and polysaccharides", training of masters in the specialization 8.05170110 "Technologies of drinking water and water treatment of food industries" has begun.


By 2014 more than 6300 engineers-technologists have graduated from the department