Department of Processes and Apparatus of Food Production

Head of the Department

Head of the Department
Zaporozhets Yuliia
Associate Professor,
Candidate of technical sciences

(established in 1951)

The department provides general engineering training of students of technological, mechanical and energy specialties of all forms of education. Every year more than 1700 students are trained at the department. Laboratory installations and stands of the department allow to perform more than 50 different real laboratory works, which cover almost the whole theoretical course of disciplines of the department. There is a constant work on improving the educational process at the department. Teachers of the department have created all the necessary methodological developments for the organization of the educational process, prepared and constantly updated working curricula, discipline programs, lecture courses and teaching resources.



The main discipline, which is read at the department since its inception, is "Processes and Apparatus of Food Production".

During the years of its existence, the department has trained 18 doctors and more than 100 candidates of sciences.

All types of classes with full-time and part-time students are conducted at the level of modern requirements with the use of technical training, the use of computers with packages of applications and algorithms, demonstration of educational films. All students have the opportunity to participate in student research groups.

Teachers of the department take part in scientific and methodical conferences on student education and improvement of the educational process.

The department has a permanent postgraduate course, and the university has a doctoral specialized scientific council D 26.058.02 (specialty "Processes and equipment of food, microbiological and pharmaceutical industries"), which includes professors O.Yu. Shevchenko, V.L. Zavialov.

The main activity of the department at industrial enterprises of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus is the development of scientific bases of heat and mass transfer and other processes of food, microbiological and pharmaceutical production in order to create highly efficient technologies and equipment, mechanization and automation. Postgraduate students, undergraduates, the best senior students are actively involved in the work, which gives them the necessary practical experience.



Last modified: 20 October 2023

Courses are taught for students of educational degree «Bachelor»:

  • Processes and apparatus of food production
  • Processes and apparatus of chemical production
  • Processes and apparatus of biotechnological production
  • Typical processes and apparatus
  • Mathematical modeling and optimization of chemical technology objects

Courses are taught for students of educational degree «Master»:

  • Statistical problems in food technology
  • Statistical tasks and analysis in technologies

Courses are taught to applicants of educational and scientific level (PhD)

  • Research methods and experiment planning
  • Intensification of technological processes
  • Actual problems of technological processes
  • Scaling and mathematical modeling in food technology
  • Methods for optimization and experiment planning

The department conducts active scientific work in two areas, each of which is divided into topics of departmental research work.

Direction 1. Development of scientific bases of heat and mass transfer and other processes of food, microbiological and pharmaceutical productions for the purpose of creation of highly effective technologies and the equipment, means of mechanization and automation.


  • intensification of technological processes in the food and microbiological industry in order to develop new technologies and equipment (Prof. Shevchenko O.Yu.);
  • study of the influence of low-frequency mechanical oscillations on the intensification of the extraction process from vegetable raw materials (Prof. Zavyalov V.L, Assoc. Prof. Misyura T.G, Assoc. Prof. Zaporozhets Y.V, Assoc. Prof. Zotkina L.V);
  • research of distillation and sorption processes in order to improve the equipment and improve the quality of raw materials and finished products (Prof. Melnyk L.M, Prof. Martsenyuk O.S, Assoc. Prof. Tkachuk N.A).
Direction 2. Development of food technologies of health-improving and preventive action.


  • development of technologies of new food products from vegetable raw materials and products of its processing (Prof. Shevchenko O.Yu.);
  • development of scientific bases for drying fruits and vegetables and products of their processing (Assoc. Prof. Dubkovetsky I.V, Senior Lecturer Burlaka T.V).


department of “Processes and Apparatus” is established.


at the department, in addition to the disciplines "Processes and Apparatus of Food Production" and "Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines", the discipline "Mathematical Models in Computer Calculations" is read.


according to the adjusted curricula, the hydraulics course became an integral part of the course "Processes and Apparatus of Food Production" for students of technological specialties. For other specialties separate courses "Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines" and "Hydrogas Dynamics" are read.


a new specialty "Technology of Storage, Canning and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables" was introduced at the department and the department became a graduating.


reorganized into the department of “Processes and Apparatus of Food Productions and Technology Canning”.


the department was reorganized into two departments, and it was named - "Processes and Apparatus of Food Productions".