Department of Humanitarian Disciplines

Head of the Department

Head of the Department
Nadiya Mykolayivna Levytska
professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences

(established in 1993)

Specialists of the department teach the following disciplines: «History and culture of Ukraine», «Philosophy», «Ukrainian language for Specific Purposes», «Psychology», «Political science», «History of philosophy and philosophy of science», «Pedagogy and psychology of higher professional school», «Gastronomic traditions of the peoples of the world», «Psychology of Leadership», «Psychology of Management and Conflict», «Rhetoric», «Psychological Basis in Advertising», «World cultural heritage», «European Space of Higher Education, Science and culture», «Modern European culture and globalization».

Department staff are constantly working to improve the scientific and methodological support of educational process. It seems Educational literature, including textbooks recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for use in educational process of the university.

The growth of scientific and pedagogical potential of the department promotes regular basis in its regional, All-Ukrainian and international scientific conferences.

The department provides active and continuous cooperation with renowned scientific and educational institutions of Ukraine, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and others.



Last modified: 24 June 2019

Кафедра гуманітарних дисциплін є загальноосвітньою кафедрою, що здійснює викладання на І-V курсах освітньо-кваліфікаційного ступеня «бакалавр», «магістр», наукового ступеня PhD.

Educational disciplines taught by the department:

Name Hours
History and culture of Ukraine  
Ukrainian language for Specific Purposes  
Political science  
History of philosophy and philosophy of science  
Pedagogy and psychology of higher professional school  
Gastronomic traditions of the peoples of the world  
Psychology of Leadership  
Psychology of Management and Conflict  
Psychological Basis in Advertising  
World cultural heritage  
European Space of Higher Education, Science and culture  
Modern European culture and globalization  

The scientific stuff of the department works with common research
«History of Food Supply of Ukrainian Territories: Paradigms, Directions, Problems».
The results of the research are shown in monographs and articles.


Department of History of Ukraine was established


It was reorganized into the Department of Ukrainian Studies


It was reorganized into the Department of Humanitarian Disciplines