Department of Mechatronics and Packaging Technology

Head of the Department

Head of the Department
Liudmyla Kryvoplias-Volodina
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

 (established in 1932)

The department carries out training of specialists in the specialty 131 "Applied Mechanics" - bachelors in educational program "Packaging Equipment Mechatronics" and masters in educational programs "Mechatronics and Robotics", "Packaging Machines and Technologies", "Packaging Machines and Resources".

In addition to the basic, more than 25 new disciplines were introduced to new training plans, which are mainly aimed at assimilating computer technologies during the calculations, designing and operation of equipment for packaging industry.

The world's packaging industry, like in Ukraine, is changing rapidly. So they requires an influx of highly skilled and flexible professionals.

The rapid development of the packaging industry over the last 50 years has had and continues to be reversed, since packaging, after fulfilling its purpose, are subject to processing and disposal. Important steps have been taken in developed countries to collect, sort and recycle this waste, but in Ukraine these technologies are politically and economically hampered.

The changing of packaging industry has no alternative and requires the training of appropriate technicians to develop technologies and equipment. Moreover, waste packaging is not only a source of additional energy resources, but also a great secondary material. The need for specialists in this industry is constantly studied and predicted its steady growth. This is indicated by the creation of appropriate state and commercial structures in Ukraine and other countries of Europe and the world.

The department has all the necessary conditions for the training of highly qualified specialists of industry and scientific and pedagogical staff.

We use specialized new modern laboratories of "Mechatroniks", "Pneumatics"and " Robotic complexes '' in the educational process. Teachers of the department have developed and implemented in the educational process of the program of general engineering disciplines: "Theory of mechanisms and machines", "Machine parts", "Mechanization of transport systems", "Pneumatics and pneumatic actuators" and also professional disciplines: "Packaging materials", "Fundamentals of design and packaging design", "Packaging equipment", "Packaging technology", "Packaging processing technology", "Packaging processing equipment", "Packaging equipment", "Calculation and design of packaging equipment", "Calculation and design of packing processing equipment" ,"Automated production lines", "Mechatronics", "Robotic complexes in packing processes". A total of 45 disciplines are taught.

The department has a computer class with a network of modern computers. Students have the opportunity to use modern software AutoCAD, MechanicalDesktop, COMPASS-3D, Mathcad, FluidDRAW, FluidSim, APM WinMachine, Photoshop in the educational process and research.

During the years of existence of the graduating department, about 1500 specialists were trained.



Last modified: 17 November 2021

The department carries out training of specialist:

«BACHELORS» Educational degree

Field of knowledge 13 «Mechanical Engineering», specialty 131 «Applied mechanics», educational program:

  • Applied mechanics
Form of study Study period
Full-time education 4 years
Full-time shortened education 2 or 3 years
Part time/ Distance 4.5 years
Part time shortened / Distance shortened 2.5 or 3.5 years


«MASTERS» Educational degree

Field of knowledge 13 «Mechanical Engineering», specialty 131 «Applied mechanics», educational program:

  • Applied mechanics
Form of study Study period
Full-time / Part time 1.5 years


Educational disciplines which are taught at the Department

Disciplines Total hours
Automated streaming surfaces 180
Automated streaming of various packaging switches 180
Production logistics 120
Hygienic requirements, certification and metrological certification 150
Dynamics of reliable systems 195
Environmental safety of the packaging 90
Kinematics and Dynamics of machine 195
Packaging design and design 90
Methods and organization of envelopment 105
Mechatronics 180
Mechatronic modular of technological equipment 180
Modeling of technological processes 120
Installation, repair and operation of equipment 126
Equipment for packaging manufacturing 165
Equipment for recycling of packaging 342
Basic of mechatronics 126
Basic of strength of materials 180
Main in calculation and design of process equipment  
Packaging equipment 342
Materials for packaging 120
Pneumatics and pneumatic motors 150
Applied mechanics 105
Design of elements of machines 210
Processes and equipment of resource-saving technologies 72
Resource- and energy-saving technologies 160
Robotic complexes in processes of packaging 210
Calculation and design of the equipment for resource-saving technologies 225
Calculation and design of packaging equipment 225
Calculation and constructor of functional mechanical modules 225
Certification and quality management 150
Theoretical mechanics 150
Technical Mechanics 1 (Resistance of Materials) 150
Mechanical Engineering 2 (Basic Construct. Mechan. & Machine) 150
Technical mechanics 150
Packaging technology 165
Transportation systems 210
Physico-chemical methods used in food technologies 90

The basic direction of scientific researches of the department is traditionally concerned with the theory of transport-technological systems of enterprises of food and microbiological industry, features and logistics of interaction of material, energy and information flows of production, dynamics of formation and reformation of continuous and discrete flows of cargo, optimization of constraints on systems of constraints , specific energy and material costs, interaction of material and energy flows of production.

The important scientific interests of the department include physicochemical methods of processing foodstuffs, the task of which is to preserve their quality and energy characteristics with an extended shelf life. In this regard, the creative teams of professors and associate professors of the department published monographs "Physico-chemical methods of processing of raw materials and foodstuffs", "Intensification of mass transfer in the conditions of transitional processes", "Intensification of mass exchange processes in food and microbiological technologies" and more than 70 scientific sciences articles in professional journals.

Vacuum methods of packaging products and in general methods of vacuum treatment of moisture-containing products with achievement of its aseptic state deserve special attention.

According to the results of this part of the department's research, two doctoral theses have been prepared and defended in the last decade (Prof. Shevchenko O.Yu. and Prof. Poddubny VA). Their research was accompanied by the development and proposals for the intensification of heat and mass transfer processes in liquid and gas-liquid food environments in the modes of their preparation for packaging and technological processing.

The scientific developments of the department for the last 5 years have been accompanied by the defenses of 8 PhD theses.

The results of scientific developments have been implemented in the sugar, brewing and microbiological industries. Taking into account scientific achievements the Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sokolenko AI In 2007, by the decree of the President of Ukraine, he was awarded the title "Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine", and under his leadership for the work "Innovative technologies for improving the efficiency of food production" the creative team in 2012 received the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology.


Formation of the Chair of Technical Mechanics at the Kyiv Institute of Sugar Industry


the department transfers the disciplines "Materials resistance" and "Construction business" and changes the name to "Machine parts and hoisting machines"


the department was called "Machine Parts and Applied Mechanics"


renewal of the activity of the "Machine Parts" department at the Kiev Institute of Food Industry


The department is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. OA Kukibnogo


first research into technologies and equipment for packaging bulk food


issue at the department of the first book for the packaging industry: Brodo BE “Packing machines”


The department is headed by Professor II.Storyzhko


execution of contractual topics on the study of packaging operations of tare-piece cargo in the salt industry under the guidance of prof. OP Bloopers


execution of contractual topics on mechanization of NRTS-works with glass products under the direction of prof. A. Sokolenko


the department received the status of graduation and was renamed the department “Technical mechanics and packaging machinery”


the first graduation of student in the specialty "Machines and technologies of packaging"


the department is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor AI Sokolenko


the first graduation of student in the specialty "Machines and resource-saving technologies of packaging processing"


for the submitted work "Innovative technologies of increasing the efficiency of food production" creative team of the university headed by the head of the department AI Sokolenko received the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology


preparation of masters in specialty "Mechatronics and Robotics"


the Department was called “Mechatronics and Packaging Technology”