Department of Accounting and Audit

Head of the Department

Head of the Department
Olha Valeriivna Myhailenko
Associate Professor,
Candidate of economic sciences

(founded in 1991)

Specialty Accounting and Auditing is licensed and accredited at the fourth level.

All sectors of national economy need accountants. First of all, they are in high demand in manufacturing industry and in all food industry sectors, such as sugar, oil and fat, distillery, alcoholic beverage, wine-making, beer and soft drink, canning, confectionery, bakery, meat, dairy production etc.

Highly-qualified specialists in accounting and audit are also in demand in agriculture, transport, trade, construction, light industry and other industries, where our graduates are already working and gain experience.

Since September, 1994 the university carries out three-level training in the specialty «Accounting and Auditing»: bachelor, specialist, master.

On September 1, 2016 the department together with affiliated branches trained 9416 specialists, including 905 masters, 4298 specialists and 4213 bachelors.

After graduation from the university and having obtained relevant experience in the field, the graduates of the department have an opportunity to carry out auditing activities. Having received a certificate of an auditor they can work as auditors for independent auditing firms (Ukrainian and foreign, such as Price Water House) and create their own auditing firms.

The management of the department pays significant attention to the introduction of modern information technologies into the field of financial and management accounting, financial and economic analysis and audit.

In the educational process, the department focuses on specialized software products, presented on the market with a wide range of developments for automation of accounting processes, depending on the size of enterprises. Among the programs of widespread use, there are the following: «1С: Complex automation», «Galaxy», «Flagman», «Etalon», «Resource», «Bos-Corporation», «Scala».

The teaching staff provides innovative development of the educational process, constantly improves existing forms and methods, uses new non-traditional forms and methods of organization of educational, scientific, methodical and research work, modern methods and technologies of teaching, world experience.

The teaching staff of the department of accounting and audit are constantly increasing their professional level by:

  • studying programs «Financial Accounting» (SIRA), «Management Accounting» (CIRA), «Audit» (CIRA), «Accounting» (Ernst & Young), «Financial Management» (Ernst & Young), «Financial Accounting under International Accounting Standards» (DipIRF (ACCA), DipIRF (Rus));
  • take examinations in international programs for acquiring qualification of International Accountant (CAP);
  • carry out professional audit and consulting; do an internship at the leading enterprises of the food industry;
  • take part in international scientific and practical conferences; carry out scientific research; study the experience of teaching teams of higher education institutions of Europe.

There is no objection that the effectiveness of business management in the modern economic reality is largely determined by the quality of accounting and analytical support for the adoption of efficient management decisions. Therefore, the staff of the department conducts active scientific research in the transformation of information function of accounting in response to the challenges of modern economy and the latest requests of users of accounting information.

Professors and associate professors of the department skillfully transform acquired scientific and practical potential into the competence of students during lectures and practical classes, consultations on professional disciplines and scientific research, which creates the prerequisites for the formation of an accountant-manager of new formation.

Such a specialist in basic training meets the requirements of: focusing on the software market; competences in the most common and most up-to-date software products in accounting and management; ability to plan, analyze, manage, influence, motivate, generalize and make grounded decisions using a systemic approach to problem solving.

Teaching staff of the department professionally improve English language skills by studying at English language courses and using "English 123" online.

This year the staff of the department has improved plans of study, taking into account modern national and international experience and widespread use of modern information systems and technologies in the educational process.



Last modified: 12 July 2022

The department carries out training of specialists of:

Educational Degree «bachelor»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 07 «Management and Administration», specialty 071 «Accounting and Taxation», educational program:

  • Accounting and audit
Form of study Term of study
Intramural 4 years
Intramural shortened 2 or 3 years
Extramural / Online 4 years 6 months
Extramural shortened / Online shortened 2 years 6 months / 3 years 6 months


Educational Degree «master»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 07 «Management and Administration», specialty 071 «Accounting and Taxation», educational program:

  • Accounting and audit
Form of study Term of study
All forms of study 1 year 6 months


Scientific Degree «doctor of philosophy»

Training of specialists on the basis of the educational degree «Master» and educational and qualification level «Specialist»

Form of study Term of study
All forms of study 4 years


Scientific Degree «doctor of sciences»

Training of specialists on the basis of the scientific degree of «Doctor of Philosophy» or Candidate of Sciences.

Form of study Term of study
Intramural 2 years


Training at the Department of Accounting and Auditing is a guarantee of quality training on the basis of the latest achievements of the economic science and accounting and analytical practice with the use of modern information technology for the processing of information for effective management decisions, as well as a reliable prospect of employment, due to the university's well-deserved authority and high qualification of specialists.

Academic disciplines taught by the department:

Name Hours
Accounting(general theory) 288/144
Statistics 144
Organization and methods of economic analysis 144
Financial accounting 288
Management accounting 144
Accounting in banks 144
Accounting in budget institutions 144
Information systems and technologies in accounting 144
Audit 144
Organization of accounting at small business enterprises 162
Accounting in related industries 162
Practical audit 234
Forensic accounting 198
Accounting in foreign countries 108
State control and audit 162


The name hours
Management information systems in analysis and audit 144
Financial and investment analysis 108
Accounting for foreign economic activity 108
Reporting of enterprises 144
Organization of accounting 144
Features of management accounting in the food industry 108
International accounting standards 108
Consolidation of financial statements 72
Tax accounting 54
Strategic analysis 108

The Department carries out a wide range of scientific research, taking into account the progressive role of accounting information in the information-analytical and forecasting provision of management of subjects of entrepreneurship in the modern turbulent market environment.

In particular, now the department is intensively investigating the fundamental role and significance of accounting, financial reporting and business analytics in achieving a high level of efficiency of the functioning of food industry enterprises both in the market place of Ukraine and in the European and international dimension.

The members of the department directed their scientific activity to scientific research in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of the development of accounting and constituents of modern financial reporting as a source of complete, reliable and objective economic information about the activities of business entities (regardless their sectoral affiliation and industry dimension of the food industry, different forms of ownership, scope of activities);
  • methodological problems of financial accounting in the transformation of its information function in the conditions of globalization of the economy and European integration of the food industry in hypercompetitive market environments;
  • transformational changes of the accounting methodology taking into account the industry specific features of the domestic industry in the information and analytical provision of corporate governance, small business management, cluster business analytics;
  • research of the information and analytical potential of corporate financial reporting, reporting of small business and its clusters in conditions of implementation and scientific practical motivational application of international standards;
  • bringing national accounting and financial reporting standards in line with international standards based on the consensus of the national scientific thought and its basis, etc.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department actively develops the teaching and methodological complex of all disciplines, focusing on modern information management systems by business entities on the basis of advanced information technologies and tasks of informatization of the society with the aim of training specialists in the economic field with basic competencies that will ensure their high competitiveness on the labor market.

Professors, associate professors and post-graduate students of the department successfully participate in scientific-practical seminars, conferences and trainings both of branch, intersectoral and international (English) levels.

The practical vector for increasing the professional level of training in accounting, taxation and auditing is intensified through the participation of the department in professional periodicals (the newspaper «All about accounting», magazines: «Accounting and auditing», «Balance», «Accounting», «Taxes and accounting» and others).

The members of the department effectively co-operate with the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Association of Certified Accountants and Auditors, and other professional organizations.


The Department of Economics of Food, Meat and Dairy Industry was renamed into the Department of Economics and Accounting in the Food, Meat and Dairy Industry


The department «Economics of food, meat and dairy industry» was divided into two departments- «Economics of enterprises of food and meat and dairy industry» department and «Accounting in the food and meat and dairy industry» department.


The department of «Accounting in the food and meat and dairy industry» was renamed into «Accounting and Audit» Department