Department of International Economics

Head of the Department

Head of the Department
Svitlana Oleksandrivna Hutkevych
Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences

(founded in 2011)

In the current conditions of the formation of an open economy of Ukraine and entering the external market of enterprises, there is a need for training specialists in the international economics for all branches, including for the food industry. In December 2011, in order to prepare highly qualified specialists of international economics and to ensure the staffing needs of the food industry, the Department of International Economics was established.

The training of specialists for the educational degree "Bachelor", specialty 056 "International Economic Relations", specialization "International Economics", the field of knowledge 05 "Social and behavioral sciences" is carried out on the basis of the obtained license. Since September 2013, the English-language project has been introduced, according to which teaching of all disciplines is carried out in English.

The teaching staff of the department carries out the teaching of the following disciplines: “International Management", "Economics of Foreign Countries", "Foreign Economic Policy", "International Economics", "International Economic Relations", "International Law", "International Finance", "Investing", "Modern international relations and foreign policy of Ukraine", "World food policy", "Modern global world markets", "International economic analysis", "International corporations in the world economy", "International economic activity of Ukraine us "and others.

Teachers of the Department take part in the preparation of a sufficiently large number of coursebooks and textbooks with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, including in English.

The training of scientific and pedagogical staff is associated with the formation of a research school, the initiation and development of its traditions. The management is carried out by highly skilled specialists-scientists: Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Svitlana Oleksandrivna Hutkevych, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Iryna Hryhorivna Onishchenko, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Yurii Mykolaiovych Safonov.


Last modified: 15 January 2019

The department carries out training of specialists:

Educational Degree «bachelor»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 29 «International relations» speciality 292 «International economic relations» and educational program:

  • International Economics
Form of study Term of study
Intramural 4 years
Intramural shortened 2 or 3 years
Extramural / Online 4 years 6 months
Extramural shortened / Online shortened 2 years 6 months / 3 years 6 months


Educational Degree «master»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 05 «Social and behavioural sciences» speciality 056 « International economic relations » educational program:

  • International Economics
Form of study Term of study
Intramural 1 year 6 months


Scientific Degree «doctor of philosophy»

Training of specialists on the basis of Educational Degree «Master» and «Specialist»

Form of study Term of study
All forms of study 4 years


Scientific Degree «doctor of sciences»

Training of specialists on the basis of the scientific degree of «Doctor of Philosophy» or Candidate of Sciences

Form of study Term of study
Intramural 2 years


The teaching staff of the Department of International Economics prepares specialists who study the complex of disciplines according to the curriculum. Also, in separate groups, preparation of bachelors in the framework of the English-language project is held, according to which all disciplines are taught in English. The training is carried out by leading specialists in the field of international economics.

The main directions of professional activity of a specialist in international economics are organizational, managerial, educational, administrative-economic and informational-analytical ones. Subject to the relevant experience, he can adapt to the following areas of related professional activities: economic, marketing, accounting and controlling ones.

Specialists of International Economics specialize in analytical departments of the Ministries of Economy and Foreign Affairs, international and domestic enterprises, the banking system, transnational corporations engaged in the development of international cooperation and economic integration.

Educational disciplines taught by the department

Name the number of hours
History and culture of Ukraine 150
Foreign language (in professional orientation) 180
Economics 240
Mathematics for economists 180
Optimization methods and models 90
International economics 300
Statistics 120
International educational systems 90
International management 120
The economy of foreign countries 120
International finance 252
International marketing 180
Modern international relations and foreign policy of Ukraine 126
World food policy 144
Modern global world markets 108
International economic analysis 108
Investing 180
International organizations 162
The economy of the small and medium business of foreign countries 162

The scientific activity of the department is coordinated with the general scientific theme of the university.


  • «International experience of the investment activity of the food industry and its adaptation to the conditions of Ukraine».

Thoroughly investigated questions:

  1. management of investment activity in the food industry;
  2. legal basis of investment; investing in the conditions of European integration of Ukraine;
  3. strategies of investment activity of food industry enterprises;
  4. attraction of investments for development of enterprises of the food industry.

The obtained research results are highlighted in the monographs, are reported at international and all-Ukrainian congresses, conferences, symposiums, panel discussions.

In the framework of the scientific and practical seminar of the Department "Information Culture in the Modern World", conferences, round tables are held. Particular attention is paid to attracting talented young people to scientific work. For this purpose, the student scientific community "Intellect" has been created and constantly functioning at the department.