Department of Finance

Head of Department

Head of Department
Lada Vasylivna Shirinyan
Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences

(founded in 2003)

The Department of Finance provides the professional training of full-time and part-time students majoring in "Finance, Banking and Insurance" (educational qualification level of "Bachelor"). In addition to compulsory subjects bachelors study the peculiarities of the analysis of banking, corporate finance, finance of insurance organizations, innovative technologies of e-commerce, modern payment systems.

Masters in "Finance, Banking and Insurance" (specialization "Finance and Credit") of full-time and part-time forms of studying master modern management technologies in banks, insurance companies, enterprises of different forms of ownership and types of economic activity.

The department provides a special program in English for students - now called English-language project. Graduates from this program are eligible to participate in many foreign projects and grants. In addition, such a diploma plays an important role in the summary of candidates for positions in international companies (branches of foreign banks, insurance companies, corporations, etc.) and will be the basis for fruitful work and career growth.

Highly qualified specialists - doctors and candidates of sciences help students receive thorough economic education and practical skills in financial management.

In addition to traditional methods modern teaching methods are used at the department: interactive games, trainings, brainstorming, analysis of specific situations, field trips, round tables with leading specialists, classes with guest lecturers, participation of students in prestigious international contests of student works.

To improve the quality of students' training new subjects which meet current market trends are regularly introduced by the Department of Finance of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Economics and Management. On the basis of the Department of Finance since 2008 there has been the Training and Practical Center of Insurance Business of the NUFT, equipped with modern software and multimedia equipment. This contributes to high quality theoretical and practical training of students using modern information technologies.

The tutors of academic groups, as well as teachers of the department help students to solve not only issues related to learning, but also organize their leisure activities. The department holds the festival of insurance advertising, thematic brain-rings, a tournament of young financiers. Students often visit theaters, museums, exhibitions. Teachers, post-graduate students and students of the department take an active part in sports competitions, cultural events of the institute and university, festive concerts.

The Department of Finance gives the students an opportunity to practise not only at food enterprises, in particular at bakery complexes, plants of alcohol and low alcohol drinks, but also in the National Bank of Ukraine, many banking institutions and insurance companies. A permanent partnership has been established with PAT “KB "Privatbank" (PJSC) , VAT "Raiffeisenbank Aval" (OJSC), SK "VIP-CAPITAL" (insurance company), SK "TAS", SK "Unika" and others.



Last modified: 01 October 2019

The department carries out training of specialists of:

Educational Degree «bachelor»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 07 «Management and Administration», specialty 072 «Finance, Banking and Insurance», educational program:

  • Finance, Banking and Insurance
Form of study Term of study
Intramural 4 years
Intramural shortened 2 or 3 years
Extramural / Online 4 years 6 months
Extramural shortened / Online shortened 2 years 6 months / 3 years 6 months

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Educational Degree «master»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 07 «Management and Administration», specialty 072 «Finance, Banking and Insurance», educational program:

  • Finance, Banking and Insurance
Form of study Term of study
All forms of study 1 year 6 months

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Scientific Degree «doctor of philosophy»

Training of specialists on the basis of the educational degree «Master» and educational and qualification level «Specialist»

Form of study Term of study
All forms of study 4 years

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Scientific Degree «doctor of sciences»

Training of specialists on the basis of the scientific degree of "Doctor of Philosophy" or Candidate of Sciences

Form of study Term of study
Intramural 2 роки

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The specialty is focused on the training of specialists who will be able to professionally carry out financial work of financial services of enterprises, organizations and institutions of various organizational and legal forms, to supervise the activities of financial and credit institutions, including the organization of financial and analytical work, financial planning and forecasting.

The main directions of professional activity are as follows: control, financial-economic, financial-credit, tax-budget, organizational-managerial, scientific-research, normative-methodical and administrative-economic. Masters in “Finance, Banking and Insurance” can adapt to such types of related professional activities as marketing, accounting, economics, management, tax and customs services.

Academic disciplines taught by the department:

Назва кількість годин
Finance (Finance 1, Finance 2)  
Money and Credit  
Financial Analysis (Financial Analysis 1; Financial Analysis 2)  
Banking System  
Corporate Finance (Corporate Finance 1, Corporate Finance 2)  
Insurance services  
Information systems and technologies in finance  
Financial Markets and Institutions  
International Finance  
Tax System  
Budget System  
Investment Activity of Business Entities  
Finance of Insurance Organizations  
Central Banks and Monetary Policy  
Financial Controlling  
Financial Services Markets  
Taxation of Small and Medium Business  
Global Financial System  
Finance of Agribusiness  
Small Business  
Banking Management  
Finance (English course)  
Methods for Solving Economic Problems  
Pricing and Valuation of Business  


Назва кількість годин
Financial Management  
Management of Financial Sanitation and Bankruptcy of Enterprises  
Financial Planning  
Tax Management  
Insurance Management  
Budget Management  
Financial Security Management of Business Entities  
Banking Management  
Financial Analytics and Calculations in Finance  
Methodology of Scientific Research  
Current Problems of Finance  
Project Financing  
Tax Administration  
Financial Riskology  

major scientific research topics of the department:

  • «Improvement of the mechanism of financial regulation of the market in the conditions of globalization processes»
  • «Integrated assessment and ways to increase the competitiveness of the Ukrainian financial market entities in the context of European integration»
  • «Microfinance and micro-insurance as new socially-oriented instruments of financial regulation of markets»
  • «Public and private partnership in the field of finance and insurance»

The department is actively developing postgraduate education. During the period from 2009 to 2016 postgraduate students and doctoral students of the department defended ten dissertations for obtaining scientific degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences (in Economics), 6 scientific degrees of Professor and Associate Professor were defended, scientific supervision of Masters majoring in «Finance, Banking and Insurance» was conducted.

The scientific work of a group of scholars under the supervision of Professor Lada V. Shirinian received international recognition in the economic society, which is confirmed by international grants and programs, internship of the lecturers and students of the department both in Ukraine and abroad.

The scientific results of the department’s staff collectively solve an important scientific problem - the formation of theoretical and methodological foundations and the substantiation of practical recommendations for improving the efficiency of financial regulation, namely:

  1. a scientific concept of financial regulation of entities of the financial market of Ukraine was developed;
  2. a new integral index of market competitiveness as an average geometric concentration coefficient and Herfindahl-Hirschman index were proposed and the criteria of application of this index on the basis of the authors’ system of quantitative estimates were determined;
  3. the methods and techniques of financial diagnostics of companies that make it possible to optimize the level of capitalization and the use of financial resources for the purpose of investment in the financial services market were improved. It was established that foreign investments and exchange rate are the most important factors influencing the volume of production of enterprises;
  4. methodology for conducting financial audits of enterprises taking into account the elements of financial analysis was improved. The ways of improving the efficiency of operations management of market entities on the basis of cost index are substantiated;
  5. the dimensional effect in insurance was discovered, the correlation between the indicator of profitability of assets and the size of assets of insurance companies of Ukraine was proved. This allows to optimize asset management in the market;
  6. the conceptual foundations of microfinance were developed to ensure the function of protecting the property interests of the population, households and low-income businesses;
  7. the new forms and models of public-private partnership in the financial market through the creation of public-private funds were proposed.

student scientific circles

The scientific search within the framework of the work of the circle is intended to attract talented young people to scientific creativity aimed at their full development, proper implementation of intellectual potential and training of highly skilled specialists.

Directions of scientific activities:

  1. students implement their research work on the scientific topics of the Department of Finance;
  2. students participate in subject olympiads and scientific competitions;
  3. students participate in international and all-Ukrainian student scientific, scientific-practical conferences, seminars, etc., where they deliver the reports based on the results of their own scientific research;
  4. students cooperate with leading scientists of the department.

The department carries out fundamental and applied scientific research according to the state budgetary topics of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


The NUFT admitted its first students majoring in “Finance”. The initiator is Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Anatolii Zainchkovskyi.


The Department of Finance was founded. The Department joined the Faculty of Accounting, Finance and Business Activities within the NUFT. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Mykola Y. Demianenko headed the Department.


The Department received an accreditation certificate with the right to train financiers of educational qualification levels «Bachelor», «Specialist» and «Master».


Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Tamara A. Hovorushko headed the Department and directed its activity to improve the material, technical and methodological support of the educational process.


Educational and practical center of the insurance business was founded within the Department.


The Department was repeatedly accredited on educational qualification levels «Bachelor», «Specialist» and «Master».


The department organised the English-language project for the students which gives an opportunity to participate in international training programs.

з 2015 року

The department is headed by a well-known scientist in the field of finance and insurance, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Lada V. Shirinian who continues the active work of the department and directs its activity to improve scientific work and professional competence of both the teaching staff and students.