Department of Hotel and Restaurant Business

Завідувач кафедри

Head of the Department
Larysa Sharan
Candidate of Engineering SciencesAssociate Professor

(created in 2007)

The department of hotel and restaurant business is a member of the Association of Culinary Workers of Ukraine, the academic stuff is the  member of the Association of the Hospitality Industry of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Restaurant Association.

The department trains bachelors and masters according to the educational programs of specialty 241 "Hotel and restaurant business", the partners of which are leading domestic and international enterprises of the hotel and restaurant business.

Modern pedagogical technologies and training methods make it possible to prepare highly qualified and competitive specialists on the national and international labor markets who are able to quickly adapt to dynamic changes in the hospitality industry and are ready for  challenges of modernity

Training in specialty 241 “Hotel and restaurant business” is a thorough theoretical preparation with an enhanced practical component; on-site classes in the best hotels and restaurants in Kyiv; competitions to demonstrate professional potential, creative search and motivation for development; intensive study of a foreign language to develop professional linguistic and communicative competence, as well as the opportunity to choose the second one (English, French, German); the opportunity to combine training with internships at top enterprises in the hospitality industry.

The educational process takes place in innovatively equipped classrooms: at a laboratory for the organization of restaurant services (a laboratory-restaurant), a laboratory for the technology of restaurant products, at a theoretical foundations of the technology of restaurant products laboratory, a bar business lab, a mini-brewery, similar to which is not found in any of the institutions of higher education in Kiev and Ukraine, computer classes with modern software products for hotel and restaurant business management.

Practical training is organized in the best hotel and restaurant enterprises of the capital and other cities of Ukraine, in particular, "Hilton Kyiv", "InterContinental", "President Hotel", "Hyatt Regency Kyiv", "Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv", "Holiday Inn Kyiv", "Reikartz Hotel Group", "Opera", "Ramada Encore Kyiv". Since 2018, practical training of bachelor's degree students has been carried out on the basis of Bulgarian hotels and restaurants.

The department actively interacts with stakeholders of the hotel and restaurant industry, organizing lectures, master classes, meetings for networking and career coaching from practicing professionals, business representatives, experts and scientists, opinion leaders and our successful graduates.

During the educational process, the cognitive activity of higher education students is encouraged and stimulated by participation in international and all-Ukrainian competitions, olympiads, scientific and practical conferences and forums dedicated to the development of the hospitality industry.

Students have the opportunity to work in scientific groups to solve current problems in the development of innovative technologies for hotel and restaurant enterprises.

The department is actively working on expanding opportunities for international academic mobility of the educational process participants. Scientific and pedagogical staff were trained in higher education institutions in Switzerland, Poland, and Bulgaria. In March 2020, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Swiss Education Group (SEG), Switzerland. Bachelor's studies have been started in English, which allows students to obtain a modern European level education for professional activities both in Ukraine and abroad.

The scientific and teaching staff of the department focuses on new teaching methods and expands connections with hotel and restaurant business enterprises that can provide a practical orientation of education, creating conditions for the professional, creative and personal growth of students.

Last modified: 05 October 2023

The disciplines taught at the department




Specialty 241 «Hotel and restaurant business»

Academic discipline Number of creditsЕСТS Total hours
Bar service and organization of sommelier work 3,5  105 
Hotel business 9,0  270
Design of hotel and restaurant facilities 5,5 165
Economics and analysis of the activities of enterprises in the industry  5,5 165 
Information technologies and software products in the hospitality business  7,0 210 
Craft technologies  4,0  120
Culinary ethnology  4,5 135
International hotel business  4,5 135
Hotel and restaurant management 9,0  270 
Modeling the activity of hotel enterprises (mandatory)  9,5   285
Modeling the activity of hotel enterprises (optional)   4,0 120 
Basics of hospitality  10,0 300 
Basics of nutrition science 8,5   255
Organization of events in the industry  3,5  105 
PR technologies and marketing in the hospitality industry  4,5  135 
HACCP and food safety management systems  3,0   90
Planning and design of hospitality enterprises  8,5 255 
Restaurant business  9,0  270 
Sanitary and hygienic safety in the industry: domestic and European experience  3,0  90 
The global hospitality industry  4,5  135 
Service activity in the industry  3,5  105 
Modern restaurant technologies  4,5  135 
Production technology at restaurant industry  9,5  285 
Commodity science in the field  4,5  135 
Quality management of products and services in the hospitality industry  7,5  225 
Equipment of hotel and restaurant establishments  7,0  210 
Franchising in the field of hospitality  3,0  90 
Basics of nutritiology  8,5  255 
Restaurant business  9,0  270 
PR-technologies and marketing in the hotel and restaurant business  4,5  135 
Service activity in the industry  3,5  105 
Quality Management of Products and Services in Hotel and Restaurant Business  7,5  225 


Specialty 242 «Tourism and Recreation»

Academic discipline Number of creditsЕСТS Total hours
Bar service and organization of sommelier work  3,5  105 
Restaurant business  6,0  180 




Specialty 241 «Hotel and restaurant business»

Academic discipline Number of creditsЕСТS Total hours
Dietology  5,0  150 
Innovations in the restaurant business  6,0  180 
Information systems of management in the hospitality business  3,0  90 
Competitiveness and innovation in the hotel industry  4,5  135 
Quality management and food safety culture in hospitality establishments  3,0  90 
Molecular technologies of restaurant industry products  5,0  150 
Service innovations in the industry  5,0  150 
Hotel business management  4,0  120 
Pricing in the hotel industry  5,0  150 


Specialty 242 «Tourism and Recreation»

Academic discipline Number of creditsЕСТS Total hours
Service science in tourism and recreation  3,0  90 
Modern food technologies in the hospitality industry enterprises   5,0  150