Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology

Завідувач кафедри

Head of the Department 
Viktor Stabnikov 
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

(established in 1933, became a graduate department  in 1966)

The Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology (BTM) of National University of Food Technologies has the most experience in Ukraine in training of high level specialists for engineering biotechnology which was started more than 50 years ago. Now, our department is only one in Ukraine, which graduates engineers for pharmaceutical, industrial, food, and environmental biotechnologies. This makes our graduates competitive in the workforce not only in Ukraine, but worldwide.

Education is performed by the specialty 162 «Biotechnology and Bioengineering». After obtaining the educational degree «Bachelor», the graduates can continue their education by the specialties «Pharmaceutical biotechnology» or «Industrial biotechnology». Graduates with a Master of Engineering degree have an opportunity to obtain a degree of «Doctor of philosophy» (equivalent of PhD) in Biotechnology.

The Department also performs the distant learning in biotechnology. Graduates from the colleges and secondary technical schools with the specialties close to «Biotechnology», including medical specialities, can continue their education in our department by shortcut academic program.


These benefits of biotechnological education in the Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology of NUFT, and also more than 50-years’ experience of the in training of high level specialists for engineers-biotechnologists ensure the extraordinary interest of employers in the graduating students of our department and real prospective of employment not only on leading industrial enterprises but also in the best-known pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine, regional representative offices of world companies, as well as a job in design, research and control-analytical organizations.



Last modified: 22 January 2022

The department trains:

BACHELOR of Science Programme

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 16 «Chemical and Bioengineering» in the specialty 162 «Biotechnology and Bioengineering» and the educational program:

  • Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Food, Environmental
Form of study Training period
Full-time study 4 years
Full-time study (shortened) 2 or 3 years
Part-time / Distance learning 4 years 6 month
Part-time / Distance learning (shortened) 2 years 6 month / 3 years 6 month


MASTER of Science Programme

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 16 «Chemical and Bioengineering» in the specialty 162 «Biotechnology and Bioengineering» and the educational programs:

  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Form of study Training period
All forms of education 1 year 6 month



Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 16 «Chemical and Bioengineering» in the specialty 162 «Biotechnology and Bioengineering» and the PhD program: «Biotechnology»

Form of study Training period
All forms of study 4 years


Department Disciplines

Course Title Hours
Cell Biology 180
Biochemical basis of microbial synthesis 120
Introduction to the profession 90
Genetics 150
General Biotechnology 180
General microbiology and virology 240
General technology of pharmaceutical and biotechnological production 135
Immunology and fundamentals of immunobiotechnologies 150
Methods of control of biotechnological, pharmaceutical and food production 150
Methodology for the development of regulatory and technical documentation 90
Microbiological basis of environmental technologies 150
Microbiology for food technologies 120
Microbiology for food technologies. Module 1. General microbiology 120/60
Microbiology for food technologies. Module 2. Food microbiology 120/90
Microbiology, sanitation and hygiene of production with the basics of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) 180
Microorganisms as biological agents 150
Regulatory support of biotechnological productions 120
Basis of Biosafety and Bioethics 90
Basics of designing biotechnological productions 180
Environmental Biotechnologies 120
Industrial technology of medicines 240
Technical microbiology 90
Technology of microbial synthesis of medicines 180
Technology for Probiotic and Vaccine 120
Food biotechnology 150


Course Title Hours
Biosafity and food quality 150
Bioenergy and environmental protection 150
Biotechnological methods for plant protection 150
Biotechnology of plant and animal cell cultures 120
Immobilized enzymes and cells in biotechnology 120
Methods of molecular biotechnology 210
Methodology and organization of scientific research 120
Microbiology of food additives and cosmetics 120
Optimization of technological process in the industry 120
Natural microbiology 90
Quality management systems in production 180
Modern pharmaceutical technologies 150
Technology of medicinal cosmetics 150
Pharmaceutical development of medicines 120


Course Title Hours
Biotechnological studios (scientific lectures, seminars in research areas) 180
Integrated microbial technologies 180
Intensification of microbial synthesis technologies 420
The latest trends in environmental biotechnology 180
Problematic issues of pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology 180
Research strategy and methodology 90


  • Integrated technologies of microbial synthesis of surface-active substances and phytohormones
  • Development of environmentally friendly and biosafe biocement
  • Biogenic synthesis of silver nanoparticles by yeast and study of their biological properties
  • Production and application of antimicrobial metabolites of micro- and macromycetes
  • Microbiological safety in the processing and storage of food products using biofilms
  • Design of bacterial therapeutic drugs - immunobiotics for the correction of secondary immunodeficiency of the macroorganism
  • The use of combined biopreparations in ensiling of plant raw materials
  • Treatment of concentrated wastewater from food enterprises by biotechnological methods to obtain renewable energy and organic fertilizers
  • Application of expert systems for optimization of technological processes to design biotechnological productions
  • Research of risks and dangerous factors in food production
  • Improving the biotechnology for the treatment of wastewater from sugar beet plants
  • Development of technologies for dairy products with functional properties
  • Intensification of biotechnology for the treatment of wastewater from dairy enterprises
  • Development of technology for production and application of biocement for environmental protection
  • Study of urease activity of lactic acid bacteria as alternative biological agents for biocementation

Research projects

  1. «The microbially-coated microplastics in neustonic water-air interpface and their on aquatic biotops», joint Ukrainian-Latvian project, Principal environmental impacts Investigator, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Viktor Stabnikov.
  2. «Complex microbial preparations of multifunctional purpose: from regulation of biosynthesis and properties to prospects of practical use» 0119U002575 Project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Principal Investigator, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Prof. Tetiana Pirog.
  3. «Physiological basis for regulation of microbial synthesis for creation of biotechnologies of complex drugs with stable polyfunctional properties» 0116U001530 Project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Principal Investigator, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Prof. Tetiana Pirog.
  4. «Scientific basis for creation of complex non-waste technology of microbial preparations with various biological properties» (2013 - 2015) Project of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, 0112U007799 (Government order), Principal Investigator, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Prof. Tetiana Pirog.


Research which is constantly carried out at the department aimed at solving many current problems, including the development of high-efficiency resource-saving biotechnologies for implementation in the microbiological, pharmaceutical and food industries.

There are two scientific schools at the department namely «Physiological and metabolic basis for regulation and intensification of biotechnologies of practically valuable metabolites» such as  microbial surfactants; selenium-enriched yeast, enzyme preparations; polysaccharides, and interferons, and «High-efficient technologies for protection of environment» such as biotreatment of wastewater from different industrial enterprises, production of biogas and fertilizers with prolongation effect, bioconversion of industrial waste into value-added products. 

There is a postgraduate course at the department in the specialty «Biotechnology» (technical sciences). Over the years of its existence, the department has prepared more than 60 PhD and 6 Doctors of Sciences.

The results of scientific research activity of our scientists are constantly published in the leading rating scientific journals of scientometric databases Scopus, PubMed, Springer Link, Biomed Lab, EBSCO, RINC, and Index Copernicus.

To comprehensively promote of the scientific, inventive and other creative activities of students and undergraduates in the field of «Biotechnology», the scientific group «BIOTECH» has been created and has been successfully functioning for several years. Young scientists can use for their activity two research laboratories equipped with everything which is needed for scientific research. The scientific potential of the department can be assessed by the level of students' training, which is evidenced by numerous prizes and awards at scientific competitions, international conferences and symposiums.

In recent years, students, undergraduates and graduate students of the department have won a number of prestigious awards and diplomas in the biotechnology: diplomas of the Competition for the best scientific work «Make Ukraine energy efficient», Diploma of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, diplomas of I-III degrees in all-Ukrainian competitions of student scientific works in natural, technical and humanitarian sciences, diplomas of I-III degrees in the II round of the All-Ukrainian student Olympiad in biotechnology.

Our scientific achievements allow us to look to the future with confidence and contribute to a more rapid onset of the era of biotechnology in Ukraine.


An independent department of Technical Microbiology was founded to train specialists for food technologies


The department became a graduation: for the first time in Ukraine, the training of engineers-technologies by the specialty Technology of Microbiological and Vitamin Production began


The first 25 graduates- microbiological biotechnologists for the industry


The name of the department was changed to Biotechnology of Microbial Synthesis


Nostrification of the specialty «Biotechnology» (Educational Program Chemical Technology and Engineering)


The department began training specialists for the pharmaceutical industry in the specialization Technology of Biochemical Pharmaceuticals and started training biotechnologists in distance learning mode


Training of engineers-technologists by the specialties Industrial Biotechnology, Biotechnology of Biologically Active Substances (within the new direction Biotechnology)


Opening for the first time in Ukraine of the specialization Microbiology of Food Production (within the specialty Industrial Biotechnology)


Nostrification of the specialty Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (instead of Biotechnology of Biologically Active Substances)


The name of the department was changed to Biotechnology and Microbiology

Opening of a new specialty Ecological Biotechnology and Bioenergetics

2016 - 2017

Training of applicants for the third (educational and scientific) level of higher education Doctor of Philosophy in the specialty Biotechnology and Bioengineering has begun


The first graduation of Doctors of Philosophy by the specialty Biotechnology and Bioengineering