Department of Information Systems

Head of the Department

Acting Head of the Department
Serhii Mykolaiovych Chumachenko
Senior Research Officer,
Doctor of Technical Sciences (Ph. D.)

(founded in 2002)

Department of Information Systems train specialists in «Computer Science», specialists and masters in «Information Control Systems and Technologies» and masters in «Computer Ecology and Economics Monitoring». General object of future specialists’ professional activity is information and automated systems, means of control and monitoring, their mathematical, informational maintenance, hardware and software; ways and methods of their projecting, development, application, and using as well.

Students develop their practical skills by means of internship at food enterprises of Ukraine, scientific establishments of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, branch scientific research institutes and commercial establishments where they enlarge and reinforce their knowledge gained while studying. That is Institute of Cybernetics named after V.M.Hlushkov by National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Institute of Telecommunications and Global Space by National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Closed Joint Stock Company «Obolon», Closed Joint Stock Company «Kyivski Makarony», Kyiv Brewery in Podil, bread-baking plants of Kyiv and other food enterprises in Ukraine.

There are contracts between Information Systems Department and mentioned above institutions about scientific aid in training of specialists, prominent scientists provide professional training, head scientific research. The department also has a contract with Kaunas Technological University of Lithuania about international cooperation – student exchange, with leading companies which develop software and offer jobs to the best interns. While studying, students have an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, working as computer labs administers at the university, in technical department and distant education, intellect computer systems centre, Institute of Telecommunications and Global informational space by National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

There are five computer classes which have actual software for doing scientific research – analysis, projecting and modelling of information systems. A local computer network between classes with free internet access was developed for doing students’ independent and scientific research work. Students having outstanding abilities join scientific research work led by professors and docents of the department, take part in conferences, have scientific publications, participate in development and application of electronic studying facilities. Students of the department of information systems are active participants of Ukrainian and international contests in programming: International open student contest in programming named by S.O.Lebedev and V.M.Hlushkov «KPI-OPEN» based on NTUU «KPI», International Summer Programming School, International Winter Programming School.

The staff of the department cooperates actively with studying and scientific institutions, including NTUU «KPI», National Transport University, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Institute of Cybernetics named after V.M.Hlushkov, State University of Information and Communication Technologies, State Establishment Educational Complex «Kyiv Institute of Automation», Institute of Psychology named after H.S.Kostyuk, AFN of Ukraine and other institutions, including departments of the university.


Last modified: 31 January 2019

The department carries out training of specialists of:

Educational Degree «BACHELOR»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 12 «Information technology» speciality 122 «Computer Science» educational program:

  • Computer Science
Form of study Term of study
Intramural 4 years
Intramural shortened 2 or 3 years
Extramural / Online 4 years 6 months
Extramural shortened / Online shortened 2 years 6 months / 3 years 6 months


Educational Degree «MASTER»

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 12 «Information technology» speciality 122 «Computer Science» educational program:

  • Information Control Systems and Technologies
  • Computer-Aided Ecological and Economic Monitoring
Form of study Term of study
All forms of study 1 year 6 months


Academic disciplines taught by the department

Name number of hours
Algorithms and Programming 180
Object Oriented Programming 198
Operational Systems 144
Data Base and Knowledge Organization 180
Intellectual Data Analysis 126
Web-Technologies and Web-Design 180
Cross Platform Programming 144
Technology of Programming Products Creation 144
Computer Graphics 90
Technology of Computer Projecting 144
System Analysis 144
Technology of Information Security 144
Technology of Divided Systems and Parallel Calculations 216
Systems Modelling 144
IT-Projects Control 144
Information Systems Projecting 144
Methods and Systems of Artificial Intelligence 144
Electric Technics and Electronics 108
Computer Scheme Technics and Computer Architecture 162
Computer Networks 180
Occupational Safety and Safety of Vital Activity 72
Economics and Business 108


Name number of hours
Mathematical Theory of Systems 108
Basics of Intellectual Systems Development of Decision Making 144
Modern Corporate Information Systems 144
Spiral Methodology of System Development 126
Occupational Safety in the Branch 36
Client-Server Technologies of Database Development 144
Projecting of Web-appendices 108
Identification Theory 144
Case-Technologies for Business Processes Engineering 108
Mathematical Systems Theory 108
Basics of Intellectual Systems Development for Decision Making 180
Scientific Research Basics 72
Ecology Law and Security 108
Client-Server Technologies of Database Development 108
Environment Protection Technologies and Equipment 72
Monitoring and Methods of Environment Control 108
Apparat and Program Methods of Collecting and Processing of Ecology Information 144
Case-Technologies for Business Processes Engineering 144
Web Appendices Projecting 108
Norming of Environment Anthropogenic Load 54
Ecology and Economic Optimization of Production 144
Imitational Modelling of Ecological Processes and Systems 162
Basics of International Ecology and Economic Activity 108

The theme of teachers’ scientific research work of the department includes the following:

  • Developing, modelling and realization of managerial decisions at decision making maintenance system in food industry;
  • Correct methods for identification of real objects of different nature;
  • Development and implementation of new information technologies in production;
  • Development of decision making system while operative decisions planning in emergencies;
  • Development of scientific methodological basics of automatized management system generating for organizational and technical systems of food enterprises;
  • Implementation of the methods for environment state analysis for data interpretation of Earth distance sounding;
  • Research and realization of methods of cooperative implementation cryptographic and obstacle resistant coding;
  • Development of data analysis methods in expert systems by means of neuron networks;
  • Intellect systems of studying process maintenance;
  • Development of information technologies in foreign languages teaching;
  • Development of knowledge-oriented information technologies for decision making;
  • Development and implementing of electronic teaching and methodological resources of the subject.

Scientific innovativeness of the department teachers’ research work is proved by Ukraine patents for invention. Practical research results are implemented in teaching process and at food enterprises. The department teachers take part in scientific research programs of state order, work of international scientific conferences and seminars. According to scientific work results, teachers of the department arrange and hold scientific and methodological seminars and conferences for experience exchange new information technologies application in higher education establishments’ teaching process.


Opening of specialization «Computer Science» at Information Technology Department


First graduation of bachelors in «Computer Science»


First graduation of specialists in «Information Managing Systems and Technologies»


Forming of Information Systems Department


Docent Ihor Elperin chaired the department


First graduation of masters in «Information Managing Systems and Technologies»


Professor Viktor Kondrashchenko chaired the department


Professor Valerii Samsonov chaired the department


First graduation of masters in «Computer Ecology and Economic Monitoring»


Dissertation for PhD in technical science of Serhii Hrybkov, the graduate of the department


Senior Research Officer, Doctor of technical science Serhii Chumachenko chaired the department