Department of Environmental Safety and Health

Завідувач кафедри

Завідувач кафедри
Якименко Ігор Леонідович
доктор біологічних наук, професор

(established in 1973)

The department trains Bachelor’s students in the field of knowledge 10 "Natural Sciences", specialty 101 "Ecology" with the educational program "Ecology and Ecomanagement", and Master’s students on specialty 101 "Ecology" and 183 "Environmental Protection Technologies" for educational programs "Ecology and Environmental Protection" and "Environmental Control and Audit".

The department teaches general science disciplines "Ecology", "Fundamentals of labor protection and life safety", "Fundamentals of industrial construction and sanitation" for students of all specialties of the university. Diploma design consultations are also provided. In addition, the department provides training for students of the department in 42 major professional disciplines

Practical training of specialists in ecology is carried out using the material and technical base of NUFT and other specialized institutions and enterprises. NUFT closely collaborates with relevant organizations on environmental protection (state environmental inspections, laboratories of environmental control, customs, etc.), enterprises of food and processing industry (CJSC "Obolon", Kyiv bakeries № 4, №10, meat processing plants, Kyiv champagne factory, CJSC "Rosynka", Vinnytsia Oil and Fat Plant, LLC "Spetstekhnika", Yahotyn Dairy Plant, etc.), wastewater treatment and waste disposal enterprises (Bortnytsia aeration station, Desnianska water treatment plant, waste incineration plant "Energy"), and research institutes. This collaboration provides students with access to research and production practice, as well as gives them the opportunity to address employment issues after graduation.

In addition to the existing laboratories for environmental control, the department has established specialized training laboratories, which are equipped with modern equipment and installations.

Teaching staff of the department are constantly finding ways to improve educational work, introducing new teaching methods and scientific achievements. Every year the methodical materials are replenished, and material base is improved. The department is equipped with modern computers that form a local area network with free access to the Internet. Close ties with Protek company allow the department constant updating of occupational safety and civil protection software. This allows students to master their studying and research.

Professors of the department provide consultations and develop plans for localization and elimination of emergencies and accidents, carry out identification and declaration of high-risk objects at food enterprises of Ukraine. For this purpose, the department has developed modern computer programs for comprehensive hazard analysis and risk assessment.

The department maintains close relations with many academic and branch research institutes and profile departments of ecology of higher educational institutions.

The department provides active international collaboration with relevant European institutions, including Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic and Lund University, Sweden. In terms of the Erasmus+ programme, the department has been implementing three Jean Monnet projects on environmental protection and best environmental practices in the EU, on green and circular economy, and on sustainable food production and consumption in the EU. 


Last modified: 07 October 2021

The department trains:

BACHELOR of Science Programme

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 10 "Natural Sciences" in the specialty 101 "Ecology" and the educational program:

  • Ecology and Eco-management

MASTER of Science Programme

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 10 "Natural Sciences" in the specialty 101 "Ecology" and the educational program:

  • Ecology and Environmental Protection

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge 18 "Production and technology" in the specialty 183 "Environmental Technologies" and educational program:

  • Environmental control and Audit

Research of teaching staff of the department covers the following main areas:

  • Environmental risks of the sustainable development;
  • Greening of food production in the direction of resource and energy efficiency;
  • Intensification of biological treatment of food production effluents with increasing productivity of methane fermentation and aerobic fermentation;
  • Biodegradation of wastewater containing petroleum products;
  • Development of biotechnology for the production of biostimulants, immunoprotectors and other drugs of therapeutic and prophylactic action from spirulina;
  • Study of the impact of food enterprises on the biota of ecosystems;
  • Assessment of environmental risks of anthropogenic electromagnetic fields in terms of the concept of sustainable development;
  • Ecological safety of ecosystems of Ukraine;
  • Scientific bases of high-quality and safe food products;
  • Compliance of food quality and safety indicators with the requirements of national and international standards;
  • Development of environmental monitoring systems;
  • Substantiation of an environmental audit at anthropogenic sites;
  • Environmental assessment of geocomplexes and their natural potentials for the purpose of protection, rational use and restoration of ecosystems.


The department of biochemistry is created as a result of separation of the department of technology of microbiological and vitamin productions, biochemistry and microbiology.


The department is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor G.O. Nikitin, who created a scientific school devoted to environmental protection, namely, the development of wastewater treatment technology and processing of waste into biogas and feed products, theoretical substantiation and practical testing of biochemical bases for food and wastewater treatment, which contain petroleum products. Prof. Nikitin was developed the theory of methane fermentation, including a new idea of bioenergy and thermoregulation of this process at the molecular level.


The department was renamed the Department of Biochemistry and Ecology of Food Production. Training of specialists in a new specialty - "Ecology of food production and products" in the field of "Food Technology and Engineering" has begun. In 1997, the specialty "Ecology and Environmental Protection" in the field of "Ecology" was introduced.


Admission of the first students for training of as specialists-ecologists in "Ecology" has begun.

since 1998 the Department provides teaching of specialists in a multilevel system: Bachelor of Science, Specialist, Master of Science.


Firstly in Ukraine, training for the Master's programme "Environmental Control and Audit" has begun.


The department was renamed the Department of Biochemistry and Environmental Control.


English language training for Master’s students in "Environmental Control and Audit" was introduced.


the Department was renamed the Department of Ecology and Sustainable Nature Management. Active implementation of European Studies in Master’s programmes under the support of Erasmus+ projects has been starting.


The department was renamed the Department of Environmental Safety and Labor Protection.